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The Co-Presidents


"The Co-Presidents shall...nominate and/or make appointments of students to committees of the College and offices/positions within the SGA...convene emergency meetings of any SGA branch, committee, or council as deemed necessary; and veto legislation passed by the Senate. The Co-Presidents prepare the overall budget of the SGA for the academic year following their term; propose nonbinding campus-wide referenda to the student body; represent the student body and report on their behalf to college departments, committees, and assemblies, the President of the College, and the Board of Trustees on issues and concerns regarding student life and/or activities of the SGA; establish ad hoc committees and positions to investigate, address, and recommend action on particular areas of concern to the SGA and the student body." -SGA Constitution

The Co-Presidents, chosen by a campus-wide election, are the principal representatives of the student body and the chief officers of the SGA. They act in the best interest of the student body and College, and work to uphold the integrity of the SGA Constitution and its Bylaws.