Student Highlight

Spring 2022 Edition

dora calva cantor art gallery




Dora Calva ‘22

My name is Dora Calva, and I am a proud Latinx, first-generation college student from Newark, NJ with an Architectural Studies major and a Visual Arts minor. I am a Marshall Grant Recipient, was awarded the Student Leadership Award for Outstanding Service to the Worcester Community, and am a Presidential Service Award Recipient. 

On campus, I am a Community Based-Learning (CBL) intern part of the Donelan Office and have volunteered at Ascentria's Unaccompanied Refugees Minors Program (URMP) tutoring 14-17 year old students in Worcester, MA for four years. I am also a member of the Tri-Alpha First-Generation National Honor Society, was part of Noche Latina’s Latinidad Identidad, and have work-study jobs on campus. Recently, I was part of the Group Exhibition, Remember Tomorrow, in the Cantor Gallery displaying my artwork called “Juxtaposing the Caribbean”, contrasting both the local and tourist sectors of Puerto Rico. 

Coming from a low-income background, I was always in need of some assistance for textbooks that were too expensive to afford. I am so grateful for the Bishop Healy Emergency & Support Fund as they were able to not only fund my books toward my academic success but also provide funding towards my artwork “Juxtaposing the Caribbean” that is currently on display in the Cantor Gallery. Through the fund, I was able to have coverage towards the application fee for a master’s program. I am excited to say that I will be attending Rutgers New Brunswick’s Landscape Architecture program for the next three years. I am truly grateful for their generous contribution and would not know what to do without the support from the donors, founders, and current management of the Bishop Healy Emergency and Support Fund.