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A Defining Moment,
A Passionate Call

“Our promise is to educate the kinds of thoughtful, imaginative, ethical leaders for whom our world hungers. Leadership is not simply about doing more, it is about being more.”

Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., President


Being more. Not simply doing more.

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This distinction has been at our core since our founding 170 years ago. Today, in a time of unprecedented opportunities and challenges, we believe the need for a Holy Cross liberal arts education—the kind that develops mind, body, spirit, and community—has never been more essential.

Great Minds, Great Purpose

To thrive and lead in an increasingly global and interdependent world, individuals will need the capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and act with integrity. Holy Cross is committed to ensuring that students develop these vital skills.


This will be the College’s greatest fundraising campaign in our history. If we succeed, we will have strengthened every dimension of the Holy Cross experience. And in achieving our mission, Holy Cross will be recognized not only as the premier Catholic college, but as one of the very best liberal arts colleges in the nation.

Can I do better today? What can I contribute? How will it matter? How can Holy Cross do better? What can our College contribute? How will it matter to our world? What does it mean to think critically, act ethically, and have hearts of compassion today? What does discerning leadership, which marks men and women for others, look like in the 21st century? What must we do better to prepare students for their future lives, after they have left Mount St. James?

"Being a student-athlete, first and foremost, teaches time management, which is a life skill that has paid dividends to me."

John E. Luth ’74

"I think about what Holy Cross did for me. And then I think about the opportunity to give back, to help another person know that same kind of experience. That’s a very important idea to me."

William J. Teuber, Jr. ’73

"We really love the idea that we are able to help someone become who he or she was meant to be."

James F. Mooney III ’90 and Lisa Mooney


Holy Cross has never been stronger. But the challenges ahead, and our unyielding spirit, call on us to do more. To put our bold vision into action, we are strengthening our commitment to the College’s core mission.

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To attain new standards of excellence in teaching, learning, creativity, and scholarship across the College, the campaign will seek to raise no less than $400 million—which we calculate to be the minimum required to do more and be more, as we imagine the College’s future.

Our Priorities

Inspiring Creative Teaching and Learning

We will give undergraduates the broadest and deepest exposure to the liberal arts, honing their skills in communication and ethical inquiry. We will enable faculty to provide exceptional educational and research opportunities. And we will elevate the arts at Holy Cross with the Prior Performing Arts Center.

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Living Our Faith

Opportunities for reflection and discernment are key to our Jesuit identity. We will support our retreat programs with the new Joyce Contemplative Center — located just 20 minutes from campus — and expand on-campus ministry activities and service initiatives.

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Advancing Success, Leadership and Citizenship

We will enhance common discernment initiatives to prepare students to be thoughtful leaders and responsible global citizens. This means creating more experiential learning opportunities, increasing support for internships and study abroad opportunities, and enhanced mentoring.

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Empowering Athletics, Health and Wellness

Crusader athletics is ready to extend its legacy into a new era. The renovated Hart Center and Field House will make our teams more competitive while enhancing health and wellness programming across campus.

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Enabling Access, Diversity and Affordability

We are one of the few institutions committed to meeting full-demonstrated need of all admitted students. We will uphold that commitment while recruiting exceptional students from across a wider cultural, geographic and economic spectrum.

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Sustaining Our Future, Our Mission, Our Vision

We will continue to seek increased support for the Holy Cross Fund. Unrestricted funds are essential to the day-to-day function of the College as well as to its future.

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Holy Cross must lead the way forward. We will—and we invite you to join us. At this crucial moment, will you accept the call of your College?

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