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The Transformative Power of Internships

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The Transformative Power of Internships

A Message from Pam Ahearn, Director, Summer Internship Program, College of the Holy Cross

Internships have become a prerequisite in today's highly-competitive job market. Employers often cite work experience as a deciding factor for hiring as they seek candidates who can immediately make contributions. Because of the Holy Cross Summer Internship Program students are able to gain necessary skills during the summer months that allow them to compete for post-graduation opportunities. As one of our recent students said, internships are really a 10 week long job interview...employers have the opportunity to see whether a student has the skills and knowledge they require and students get the opportunity to test drive an industry while deciding if it's something they want to pursue. Holy Cross students learn to think critically and creatively, to communicate clearly, to adapt and to solve complex problems. We have great confidence that they are well prepared for the world they will enter. Thank you to those alumni, parents and friends who have partnered with us to create tremendous opportunities for our students. They are invaluable!]

To learn more or to partner with the Summer Internship Program please contact Pam at or 508-793-3880.