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A Commitment to Need Blind Admission

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At Holy Cross, we believe that teaching is a profound responsibility.

In this one sentence, we are defining our essence as a community. We are proclaiming that the development of every individual in our care is nothing less than a sublime calling. We are insisting that a Holy Cross education is a transformational process, evolving each individual, and so, ultimately, our world. Because we believe this, it is our duty to make such a life-changing, world-changing process available to all qualified students.

Yet, we live at a time when the call to remain financially accessible is a difficult challenge — perhaps the greatest challenge facing higher education today.

Holy Cross is a “need-blind” institution that meets the full demonstrated need of our students. Our applicants for admission are judged solely on their merits, regardless of their ability to afford tuition costs. Few private American colleges are committed to a need-blind and a meets-full-need policy. But we view this position as a crucial part of our mission. We remain dedicated to those original — and still vibrant — purposes and principles on which Holy Cross was founded.

Each year, across the nation, additional schools drop the need-blind/meets-full-need policy. This is no surprise. As costs increase, it becomes more difficult to remain committed to this cornerstone of access and affordability. At Holy Cross, we view this issue as one of the policies that sets us apart. More importantly, our need-blind commitment is part of the vision that defines who we are. It is a component of our Catholic, Jesuit identity.

To maintain our need-blind/meets-full-need policy, we must continue to construct a financial aid budget sufficient to meet the needs of all our admitted students. Of the many challenges with which the higher education community must grapple, the problem of a sufficient, sustainable financial aid program is one of the most complex and difficult. Institutions are under chronic pressure to keep tuition costs down while also increasing financial aid dollars.

The inescapable truth is, aside from increases in tuition, our only source of increased revenue is the increased giving of our dedicated and generous donors.

Our belief that a first-rate, ethically-based education should be available to all qualified students requires that we marshal our resources accordingly. Currently, approximately two-thirds of Holy Cross students receive financial aid. Behind every scholarship package is a human story that involves the realization of inherent potential — and, most important, the effect that realization has on our world.

Four centuries after St. Ignatius Loyola founded the Society of Jesus, we continue to follow his charge to illuminate hearts, minds, and souls. Holy Cross needs your help to continue this vital mission.

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