ID Photos

For members of the Holy Cross Community, Audio-Visual Services can provide Passport, Visa or other ID Photos for a nominal fee.

Photos are taken in the studio in Stein 104, and are usually printed the same day.

Appointments can be made in advance by contacting A-V Services. We prefer to do large, organized groups in one or two sittings rather than one student at a time.

If you are coming to have your picture taken, please arrive a few minutes before your appointment time and be ready.  A mirror is available in the studio if you need to check your hair, etc.

For US Passport photos, please read the Passport Photo Guide from the U.S. Department of State before  your visit.

For all other Visa and ID photos, please know the photo requirements, and let the department know when you arrive to have your picture taken.  In most cases, photos that meet U.S. Passport photo standards will do, but there may be exceptions.