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Celebrating 50 Years of BSU History, 1968-2018

For 50 years the Black Student Union (BSU) has represented and empowered black students on Campus. The BSU was founded in 1968, after Reverend John Brooks recruited 20 black students to Holy Cross.

The BSU was formed to create a sense of community and solidarity among the black students and promote a sense of identity. Throughout its history, by hosting events like Black Week and the Fashion Show, students have organized performances that portray their culture, and speakers who further enhance our understanding. One of the most prominent events on campus that involved BSU, was the student walkout of 1969. In 2018, one of the organization’s co-founders, Theodore V. Wells, was awarded an honorary degree from the College of the Holy Cross.

You can view this exhibit in the main reading room of Dinand Library, on the first floor.

Objects in the Archives

The College Archives’ Special Collections are home to a variety of historic material. While a majority of the collections consist of scrapbooks, correspondence, and photographs, there are many three-dimensional objects as well. From Louise I. Guiney’s hat (Guiney Family Collection), to signed NASA patches by the Apollo 13 crew (Richard J. Green Collection), this exhibit displays the unique artifacts in our Special Collections.

You can view this exhibit in the Holy Cross Archives during open hours on the 3rd floor of Dinand Library.

Lost Holy Cross, Our Changed Campus, 1843-Present

We think of the College campus as static place. Ivy covered brick buildings appear to remain unchanged through the generations. Yet the campus has been constantly changing since the college was founded in 1843. While the main buildings may appear to be static, they have undergone renovations, improvements, and additions. Other smaller structures have been built, repurposed, or torn down.  Athletic facilities were moved or changed. The landscaping of the campus is continually changing. This exhibit highlights views of the campus from the past that contain features no longer exist. Examine the photographs and discover what features were here in the past that are not here now.

These items are visible along the halls of the 2nd floor of Dinand Library.


Past Exhibits


Honoring St. Teresa of Kolcata

On September 4, 2016 the Blessed Mother Teresa will be officially canonized, thus becoming St. Teresa of Kolcata.  Known throughout her life for ministeringto the poor and sick of India, Mother Teresa received an honorary degree from Holy Cross during the 1976 Commencement exercises.  Following her death in September of 1997, she was beatified almost immediately by Pope John Paul II  and 2015 Pope Francis recognized the second of the necessary miracles for canonization. 

Honoring St. Teresa commemorates the 1976 commencement with photographs and documents drawn from the College Archives.  It can be viewed in the foyer of Dinand Library during normal hours.

The Williams Family Autograph Collection

The Williams Autograph Collection was recently donated to Holy Cross by the Williams Family.  Collected by Edward Bennett Williams, Class of 1941 this collection includes framed autographs of the presidents of the United States as well as autographed documents of historical and literary figures. The letters and documents signed by the most recent presidents are addressed to Edward Bennett Williams.  This exhibit is on display in the College of the Holy Cross Archives on the third floor of Dinand Library and can be viewed during open hours.




Wanted: Guest Curators
Do you have a book collection or an interest in a subject which you find fascinating? Would you be willing to share your interest with others through an exhibit in the Library's Main Reading Room? If so, please contact Sarah Campbell, the Assistant Archivist, at