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Class-Based Fundraising

Fr. Brooks

Matthew Cavanaugh ’20 with
Rev. John E. Brooks, S.J. ’49

From strengthening the bond that alumni have with each other and with the College, volunteers play an essential role in the ongoing success of the Holy Cross Fund. Since Matt Cavanaugh '20 founded the Holy Cross Fund in 1947, connections with classmates  have sustained the long history of alumni contributing to keep Holy Cross one of the top liberal arts institutions. Each alumni class has a system of Class Chairs, Correspondents and Agents who engage classmates in supporting the College annually.  

National Co-Chairs of the Holy Cross Fund

Siobhan Handley '90 and Andrew O'Brien '85, P11,13,16

Siobhan Handley ’90 and Andrew O'Brien ’85, P11,13,16

Siobhan Handley '90 and Andrew O'Brien '85, P11,13,16 have been named the new National Co-Chairs of the Holy Cross Fund beginning in July 2017. Siobhan, a Reunion and Class volunteer, and Andy, a current member of the Board of Trustees, bring great enthusiasm and expertise to their new roles.

Siobhan is the chief talent officer at Orrick in New York, N.Y., where she is responsible for developing and executing talent and human resource strategies. Siobhan and her husband, Will Ketterer, live in New York, N.Y., and are the parents of two children, Maeve and Finn.

Andy is managing director and head of Global Loan Capital Strategy for J.P. Morgan in New York, N.Y., where he is responsible for all lending across the banking platform of its corporate and investment bank. He and his wife, Robin, reside in Armonk, N.Y., and have three daughters: Molly '11, Haley '13 and Claire '16.

Class Chairs and Correspondents

Class Chairs and Correspondents serve as lead volunteers in each class. They work closely with the Holy Cross Fund team throughout the year to write class communications, solicit gifts from classmates, coordinate solicitation strategies, and identify and recruit additional volunteers.

Francis F. Marshall '48, Chair
Donal J. Burns ’49, Chair

George J. McVey, DDS ’50, Chair
Augustine C. Concilio, Esq. ’51, Chair
Bertram U. Mount, Jr. ’52, Co-Chair
Rev. John R. Mulvehill, STD ’52, Correspondent
Rev. Earle L. Markey, S.J. ’53, Chair
Paul F. Dupuis ’54, Correspondent
Robert F. Danahy ’55, Co-Chair
Robert J. McKay ’55, Co-Chair
William J. O'Herron ’55, Co-Chair
Robert J. Fox ’56, Chair
John M. Bowen ’57, Chair
Austin M. O'Toole ’57, Chair
William R. Murray ’57, Correspondent
William B. McManus ’58, Chair
James W. Carter, Esq. ’59, Co-Chair
William P. Maloney ’59, Chair
D. Timothy Buckley, Jr. ’59, Correspondent
John J. Ormond ’59, Correspondent

George M. Ford, Esq. ’60, Co-Chair
George F. Sullivan, Jr. ’60, Co-Chair
L.Timothy Giles '61, Chair
Joseph E. Dertinger '61, Correspondent
Michael J. Leding, Jr. ’62, Co-Chair
William J. O'Leary, Jr. ’62, Chair
Philip R. Martorelli ’63, Co-Chair
Michael J. Toner ’63, Co-Chair
Edward C. Weil III ’63, Co-Chair
William S. Richards ’64, Correspondent
David J. Martel ’65, Co-Chair
Thomas F. McCabe, Jr. ’65, Co-Chair
Kenneth M. Padgett, Esq. ’66, Co-Chair
Rev. John A. Worthley ’66, Co-Chair
Andrew J. McElaney, Jr. ’67, Co-Chair
John J. McLaughlin, Jr., ’67, Co-Chair
John P. Sindoni, Esq. ’67, Co-Chair
John T. Collins ’68, Co-Chair
Brian M. Kingston, Esq. ’68, Co-Chair
David H. Drinan ’69, Co-Chair
James W. Igoe ’69, Co-Chair
Robert G. Powderly ’69, Co-Chair

Thomas A. Mulvihill ’70, Co-Chair
William E. Walsh, Jr. ’70, Co-Chair
Thomas J. Neagle ’70, Correspondent
Robert T. Bonagura ’71, Co-Chair
Robert T. Carlton, Jr. ’71, Co-Chair
Richard J. Kenny, Esq. ’72, Co-Chair
Thomas V. Mulligan ’72, Co-Chair
Richard J. Witry ’72, Co-Chair
William F. Bagley, Jr. ’73, Co-Chair
Col. Philip J. Crowley, USAF (Ret.)’73, Co-Chair
Paul J. Ballantine ’74, Co-Chair
Brian R. Forts, Esq. ’74, Co-Chair
Stanley J. Kostka, Jr., Ph.D. ’74, Co-Chair
Capt. Michael Winslow, USN (Ret.) ’74, Co-Chair
Joseph W. Cummings ’75, Co-Chair
Joseph A. Sasso, Jr. ’75, Co-Chair
Thomas E. Ryan ’76, Chair
Thomas C. Healey ’76, Correspondent
Brian A. Cashman ’77, Co-Chair
Kathleen Taylor Connolly ’77, Co-Chair
Mark T. Murray ’78, Co-Chair
Michael H. Shanahan ’78, Co-Chair
Anne Reilly Ziaja ’78, Co-Chair
Alberto A. Correia ’78, Correspondent
Roseann Fitzgerald ’78, Correspondent
Glennon L. Paredes ’79, Co-Chair
Deborah A. Pelles ’79, Co-Chair

Bernadette Magnier Briand ’80, Co-Chair
James M. Marrone ’80, Co-Chair
Kathleen L. Wiese ’80, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Stevens Murdy ’81, Co-Chair
Barbara Talmadge Sieber ’81, Co-Chair
William J. Supple ’81, Co-Chair
Robert Tracy, Esq. ’81, Co-Chair
Jean Kelly Cummings ’82, Co-Chair
Kristin J. Mumford ’82, Co-Chair
Jack T. Nealon, Jr. ’82, Co-Chair
Susan Lidestri Sullivan ’82, Co-Chair
Patricia Gibbons Haylon ’83, Co-Chair
David J. Trasatti, CMA ’83, Co-Chair
Marie Faulkner Campbell ’83, Correspondent 
Edward J. Lynch ’84, Co-Chair
H. Elizabeth Mitchell ’84, Co-Chair
Fred J. O'Connor ’84, Co-Chair
Thomas M. Flynn ’85, Co-Chair
Joseph Terranova, Esq. ’85, Co-Chair
Joanne Sadowski Niland ’85, Correspondent
Virginia M. Ayers ’86, Co-Chair
Patrick L. McCarthy, Jr. ’86,  Co-Chair
Edward T. O'Donnell ’86, Co-Chair
Kathleen Quinn Powers ’86, Co-Chair
Mark A. Connolly ’87, Co-Chair
Virginia L. Conti ’87, Co-Chair
Capt. Karen A. Tsiantas, USN ’87,Co-Chair 
Mary L. Boyle Anderson ’88, Co-Chair
Ellen Shields Conte ’88, Co-Chair
Paul E. Demit ’88, Co-Chair
Robert R. Hamel, Jr. ’88, Co-Chair
Christina F. Maggi ’89, Co-Chair
Sean T. McHugh ’89, Co-Chair
Colleen J. Walsh ’89, Co-Chair

Siobhan A. Handley ’90, Co-Chair
Lisa M. Villa, ’90, Co-Chair
Francis T. Bergin III ’91, Co-Chair
Peter J. Capizzi ’91, Co-Chair
Kristin M. Dembowski, Esq. ’91, Co-Chair
Maura E. McGovern ’92, Co-Chair
Timothy D. McGovern ’92, Co-Chair
Christopher J. Serb ’92, Co-Chair
Daniel F. Barrett ’93, Co-Chair
Patrick J. Comerford ’93, Co-Chair
Eileen Kasprzak Read ’93, Co-Chair 
Danita J. Beck-Wickwire ’94, Co-Chair
Judith M. Gonsalves ’94, Co-Chair
Amanda M. Robichaud ’94, Co-Chair
Christopher J. Caslin ’95, Co-Chair
Shelagh Foley O’Brien ’95, Co-Chair
Trevor A. Bonat ’96, Co-Chair
Jessica Murphy Moo ’96, Co-Chair
Marnie Cambria Dardanello, M.D. ’97,  Co-Chair
Kristin T. O’Connor ’97, Co-Chair
Julie E. Orio ’97, Co-Chair
Margaret Hayden Bramley ’98, Co-Chair
Eric B. Javier ’98, Co-Chair
Alyssa R. MacCarthy ’98, Co-Chair
Timothy E. Horton ’99, Co-Chair
Margaret Devine Maxwell ’99, Co-Chair
Matthew J. McDonough ’99, Co-Chair

Lauren Bylinski McCarthy ’00, Co-Chair
Elizabeth S. Rapuano ’00, Co-Chair
Catherine G. Byran ’01, Co-Chair
Rusmir Music ’01, Co-Chair
Lauren M. Buonome, Esq. ’02, Co-Chair
Jared T. DiPalma. ’02, Co-Chair
Peter D. McLean ’02, Co-Chair
Amanda Corbett Beaver ’03, Co-Chair
Kevin P. Polansky ’03, Co-Chair
Brian C. Bennici ’04, Co-Chair
Caroline Reynolds Cevolani ’04, Co-Chair
Daniel D’Agata ’04, Co-Chair 
Kathryn Meyers Gilbert ’04, Co-Chair
Ryan M. Atwood ’05, Co-Chair
Luz M. Colon-Rodriguez ’05, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Corridan Fisher ’05, Co-Chair
Sara A. Swillo Muckian ’05, Co-Chair
Kevin L. Cullinan ’06, Co-Chair
Anne V. Dunne ’06, Co-Chair
Ryan M. Graf ’06, Co-Chair
Michael J. Galbo ’07, Co-Chair
Kaitlin M. Padgett ’07,  Co-Chair
Kara M. Pipoli ’07, Co-Chair
Kathryn T. Dearing ’08, Co-Chair
Sarah M. Jensen ’08, Co-Chair
Helen M. Murphy ’08, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Pipala ’09, Co-Chair
Cara Joyce Blanchette ’09, Co-Chair
Alesandra T. LaPointe ’09, Co-Chair

Sarah A. Brown ’10, Co-Chair
Casey C. Lee ’10, Co-Chair
Kristopher F.X. Zelesky ’10, Co-Chair
Lauren K. Brais ’11, Co-Chair
Kevin A. Leggio ’11, Co-Chair
Mary Carol Madigan ’11, Co-Chair
Harry H. Chiu ’12, Co-Chair
Tara E. Greeley ’12, Co-Chair
Patrick P. Lowe ’12, Co-Chair
Michael F. Wright ’12, Co-Chair
Martin F. Connors III ’13, Co-Chair
Allegra M. Parrillo ’13, Co-Chair
Katherine-Anne T. Rosenthal ’13, Co-Chair
Antonio M. Willis-Berry ’13, Co-Chair
Kerry E. Dunne ’14, Co-Chair
Nicholas F. Fasano ’14, Co-Chair
Christina C. Richardson ’14, Co-Chair
Thi A. Tran ’14, Co-Chair
Michael D. Noone ’15, Co-Chair
Maureen J. O'Meara ’15, Co-Chair
Julianne Trasatti ’15, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Cohn ’16, Co-Chair
Madison M. Duddy ’16, Co-Chair
Caitlin P. Murphy ’16, Co-Chair
Ryan D. Osborn ’16, Co-Chair
Oswaldo E. Subillaga ’16, Co-Chair

Class Agents

Each class has between 10-20 Class Agents who are responsible for contacting a list of classmates each year. Agents encourage their classmates to make annual gifts, and keep the College updated with their contact information updates. Download the Class Agent Kit »

Reunion Gift Committees 

Reunion gift efforts always aim to inspire high levels of class participation and to secure leadership contributions in support of Holy Cross’ highest priorities. Led by a gift chair or co-chairs, reunion gift committees are responsible for personally encouraging classmates to support the class gift.

This year brings renewed energy to these efforts as class reunion gifts will count toward the Become More campaign. From the fifth reunion to the Purple Knights, each reunion gift effort builds community and forms the backbone of the Holy Cross Fund, often raising more than 30 percent of the Holy Cross Fund total. Learn more about Reunion Giving Programs »