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We are looking for alumni who love Holy Cross and who love telling people!

The Social Media Ambassadors are, quite simply, alumni who love Holy Cross and who love telling people! Engaging fellow alumni through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the Social Media Ambassadors are volunteers who spread the word on college happenings, alumni news and upcoming events. The role of Social Media Ambassadors is to promote the existing Holy Cross social media pages and generate positive buzz about Holy Cross on their social media accounts.

Role and Responsibilities

In their own voices, the Social Media Ambassadors post about Holy Cross news, events, campaigns, and stories that they believe will resonate with their social networks. They are expected to post and/or share at least once a week on any social media platform with content that is substantive and engaging. Social Media Ambassadors enjoy many special benefits—an invitation to attend the 2017 Volunteer Summit on April 21-22, 2017 at Holy Cross, special skill building opportunities such as workshops and webinars, and advance “in the know” news about Holy Cross projects, events, announcements.

Application Process

All alumni are invited to apply for the Social Media Ambassador position. Social Media Ambassadors should have an established and active social media presence. Our goal is for Holy Cross posts to integrate naturally into their feeds. There are no restrictions or requirements on what topics volunteers may post about, but posts should be current, accurate, on message, and creative! Personal anecdotes, photos, etc. are encouraged (and in some cases preferred!).

Positivity is key—posts should be genuine, and while criticism is not discouraged, the Social Media Ambassador’s role is to promote Holy Cross. Positive posts are always preferred, but criticism should at least promote dialogue and should contain accurate information, verified by the college. By volunteering, ambassadors agree to represent the college and should post accordingly. All posts should be respectful and professional, but we will not censor or restrict posts.

If interested in this volunteer opportunity, please fill out the Social Media Ambassador application, and tell us more about you!

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