Affinity Group Guidelines

If you are interested in forming an alumni affinity group, please review the protocols outlined below. Leaders of a proposed group must submit a Statement of Purpose to the Office of Alumni Relations, outlining the group's objectives and structure.

I. The following protocols and procedures are required from alumni seeking to organize formal/recognized alumni affinity groups:

  1. There must be at least 1-2 alumni leaders/coordinators willing to do most of the initial coordination and program development.
  2. The Office of Alumni Relations must support the concept of creating an alumni group in this area/field (i.e., there must be a demonstrated/expressed interest on the part of alumni in establishing such a group).
  3. Potential group members must be easily identified within the Holy Cross alumni database (i.e. field of work, student activity, interest, etc.).
  4. A Statement of Purpose must be submitted to the Office of Alumni Relations.
  5. Any programs sponsored by the group must be financially self-supporting.

II. The basic services of alumni affinity groups should include:

  1. Networking/gathering/educational opportunities for alumni and students.
  2. Sending periodic electronic communications (i.e. invitations, newsletters, etc.) to its alumni constituency.
  3. Updates on new publications by faculty or alumni in the related field and related professional developments (if applicable).
  4. Calendar for upcoming events and programs.

III. Once a group is formally recognized, the Office of Alumni Relations will work with its leaders to provide the following support:

  1. A presence on the Alumni website.
  2. An official Holy Cross e-mail address (i.e.
  3. A staff liaison to help with group logistics and programming.
  4. Occasional publication of group programming in Holy Cross Magazine, Alumni enews, and other outlets.
  5. Printing/postage costs for group programming.
  6. Access to space for on-campus events (e.g., Hogan Campus Center).

Questions? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (508) 793-2418 or


Updated February 2017