COVID-19 Considerations

The college search process can be frustrating — and current circumstances make it even more challenging. We hope this information provides some clarity during these unpredictable times. Feel free to email us if there is any other way we can help at

three students walking down flight of stairs to Kimball quad

1. How will pass/fail grades be assessed and how will a pass be computed into a recalculated GPA?
When reviewing an applicant’s transcript, we always keep in perspective the context in which the student is studying — courses available, grading structure, requirements, etc. We know full well that schools adapted to remote and hybrid learning with a variety of different instructional and grading models. We will look to understand how courses and grades have been impacted. No student’s chances at admission will be impacted by the changes in learning and grading that have been out of their control.

2. Is your college considering dropping the SAT/ACT requirement if they have not already and how will test scores be evaluated?
We have been test optional for over a decade and during that time, we’ve left it up to the applicant to decide if they would like us to use their standardized test scores in our review of their application. When submitted, standardized testing is but one of many factors we weigh when evaluating a student’s application. When testing is withheld, we simply focus our review on all of the other parts of the application without judging the student’s decision to withhold the scores.

3. Given the alteration and cancellation of many extracurricular activities, what is your advice for students?
First and foremost, we want students to be thoughtful about their health and well-being, and the health and well-being of their family and friends. This is a time to focus on creating a caring community — not for building a list of accomplishments and extracurricular achievements. 

But we do recognize that some students look to activities as an outlet for expression and as a contributor to their own mental and physical health. We encourage students to follow the path that suits them best and when appropriate, pursue opportunities for activities in a safe and thoughtful manner.

4. How is demonstrated engagement viewed? 
We are offering a variety of virtual opportunities to prospective applicants, including information sessions, virtual tours, interviews and workshops. In addition, we are offering campus tours and information sessions this summer.