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Benefits of Becoming a Consultant

Working at the Writer's Workshop allows you to help others with their writing. Many consultants also see growth in their own writing as they reflect on what it means to write and teach writing.

The directors of the Center for Writing are committed to mentoring students as they work to become young professionals. Aside from earning a paycheck and gaining work experience, our consultants report their work with the Center for Writing has positively impacted their careers post-graduation.


Here's what some of our recent Writer's Workshop alums have to say about their experience.

"Working at the Writer's Workshop taught me how to truly interact with colleagues and peers in a professional setting. The one-on-one sessions from the Writer's Workshop helped me understand that not all people learn the same way, or communicate the same way. I approach every situation from a different angle: a conversation with my manager, a training session with a new employee, a phone call with someone from a different company. Each conversation is different, just how each Workshop session was unique."

—Chris Conley '16 

"I currently work in a business position at a Fortune 500 Company after having worked in the Writer's Workshop since the end of my freshman year. My experience at the Writer's Workshop has been invaluable in my professional life. Not only did my tenure at the Workshop give me a chance to hone my sense of personal responsibility, it taught me how to communicate well, even in challenging situations. The skills I gained at the Workshop gave me the confidence necessary to succeed in my current position."

—Kelly McDonald '17

"Working in the writer's workshop for three years convinced me that teaching is the one and only path for my life. The program provides necessary supports to allow its staff to grow as editors, thinkers, educators, and peer mentors--skills that become essential in whatever post-graduation career you choose."

—Peter Van Galen '17

"After graduating from Holy Cross, I worked as an English teacher in Kenya as a part of the Fulbright Program. Before learning about my placement, I envisioned teaching high school students, but instead, I was assigned to teach English to Arabic-speaking lecturers at an Islamic university. While teaching students that were more than twenty years older than me and held PhDs was intimidating, my experience working at the Holy Cross Writer's Workshop gave me the confidence I needed to undertake this task. During my three years at the Workshop, I not only assisted students that were older than me, but that also brought in assignments in subjects completely foreign to me. Being able to help a senior with their bio-chemistry honors thesis, or an anthropology major with their case study, gave me the skills to be an effective teacher no matter how challenging the content was or how advanced my students were."

—Paige Tortorelli '16

"I found the work I did at the Writer's Workshop to be very applicable post-college. As a paralegal at a law office I write, draft, and edit letters and memorandas all the time. My experience at the Writer's Workshop gives me an edge in my ability to assess and provide constructive feedback on writing clear and concise content that I can relate to attorneys and other paralegals in an effective manner."

—Marissa Casey '16