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Studio Art Requirements


Minimum 10 courses
(Maximum 14), including:


Minimum 6 Courses
(Maximum 14), including:

Studio art majors and minors are required to participate in the Majors and Minors Review. 

During the senior year studio majors are required to take the Studio Concentration Seminar which focuses on the development of an individual body of work. Students are provided with a workspace in Millard Art Center. Studio Art Majors are required to take the fall semester (VAST 300) and are eligible for the spring semester (VAST 301). While both semesters are strongly recommended for the major, students will be admitted to the spring semester based on an evaluation of their work by studio art faculty. Only students taking the spring semester, Studio Concentration Seminar 2, will participate in the senior exhibition in Cantor Art Gallery.

Students with extensive previous experience may be allowed to bypass either Fundamentals of Drawing or 3D Fundamentals with a portfolio review by a studio faculty member. In such cases students may move directly into intermediate level courses.

The final authority on College and departmental policy, including faculty and course information, is the College Catalog. Please consult the Catalog for more information.