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Millard Media Lab

The Media Lab in the Millard Art Center was designed to foster creative work in digital imaging, and examine the impact of electronic media on the creative process. The goal of the lab is to explore the artistic potential of the computer to manipulate and combine images, and address the new aesthetic questions raised by electronic media. Connected to both the photography and printmaking studios, the lab is ideally located for mixed media work, and large enough to allow for expansion into multimedia.

The lab is equipped with 14 iMac workstations and 2 PowerMac/Apple Cinema display stations.  Other equipment includes Wacom drawing tablets, flatbed/film scanners, wide format inkjet printers and a laser printer.  Each computer is equipped with a wide variety of imaging and design software including the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Media Lab Hours (Academic Year)

Sunday Noon - Midnight
Monday - Thursday 9 AM - Midnight
Friday 9 AM - 6 PM
Saturday Noon - 4 PM