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Equipment Library

In an attempt to give Visual Arts students greater access to equipment and materials used in various media, the Department of Visual Arts runs an Equipment Library. Students may borrow equipment for a period of three-days using their Holy Cross ID cards. The Equipment Library operates for approximately 20-hours per week over seven days.

We are continually adding to our inventory (with the generous support of an anonymous donor). As of March 2010, the following items are included in our inventory: a variety of Canon Digital SLR cameras, Mamiya medium-format cameras, a Sony Hi-Def Digital Video camera, and a selection of other film cameras. Other photography equipment includes tripods, tungsten lighting kits, light meters, backdrops, reflectors, and lenses. We also offer a variety of hand and power tools, mirrors, and a Singer sewing machine. (Search "Millard" in the Dinand Library catalogue for a complete list of items available.)

Millard Equipment Library Policies and Procedures