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Concentration Seminar

Freidhelm Mennekes, S.J. speaking on Anselm Kiefer, 2010, MASSMoCAThe seminar is a culminating course in the major. Two or three major events, such as a film, lecture, or exhibition (at New York or Boston Galleries, or MASS MoCA) are integral to the course. The class reviews all exhibits in the Cantor Gallery on campus, invariably attending as a group. Students also participate in a two-hour majors' review held by the Studio Division. The first half of the course is focused on discussions of "methods" of viewing art. These topics have included: Formalism, Historic Context, Iconography, Marxism, Feminism, Biography, Film Criticism, and Postmodernism. During the latter half of the course, students concentrate on capstone projects that reflect their own professional interests.  Students make oral presentations of capstones, an event attended by diverse faculty and students in the Studio Concentration Seminar.  

Topic Examples and Course Events