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Application Policies and Procedures

Eight semester students: Students who plan to complete the TEP during their eight semesters at Holy Cross should apply during their freshman or sophomore years.  Special consideration will be given to juniors in their first semester who are invited to reapply or who are on track to complete the requirements. 

Ninth semester students: Students who plan to utilize the Ninth Semester option may apply during junior year. These juniors should be enrolled in at least one additional required TEP course and must be on track to complete all subject matter requirements.

A complete TEP application consists of:

  • Application form (opens in new window);
  • Personal statement, in response to a given prompt (upload to application);
  • Unofficial transcript (email to yourself through STAR and upload to application);
  • Two letters of recommendation, including at least one from either faculty or administrative personnel at the College of the Holy Cross (preferably non-Education faculty as Ed faculty fill out a separate form for all applicants as part of the application process); and
  • Interview: Please sign up here after submitting your application. Interviews are available during selected times.

Applications are due September 22, 2019 for the fall deadline and February 24, 2019 for the spring deadline.

Review Team

Applications are reviewed by:

  • The TEP Director
  • The Field Placement Coordinator
  • The academic department liaison
  • The student’s instructors for the foundational courses & other education courses

Each reviewer makes a recommendation: Accept, Invite to Reapply, or Do Not Accept.

Review Criteria

Applications are reviewed based on the following criteria:

Required coursework

Students must have completed or be currently enrolled in two foundational courses: Educ 167 (Educational Psychology) and Educ 169 (Schooling in the United States).

Academic achievement

Students are expected to earn at least a B in their foundational courses, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in their major, and have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.  The GPA requirements can be waived in the case of a special circumstance, significant improvement, or support from the Education faculty.  In that case, evidence of the decision must be documented in the student’s application file.

Subject matter outlook

Students must be able to complete the coursework required to meet the Subject Matter Knowledge requirements in his/her major.

Faculty experience

Instructors who have taught the student offer input on the student’s strengths and/or struggles, based on their experiences and observations in class.


Qualified students will be invited to interview with the Director of the TEP and the Placement Coordinator to assess their maturity, interest level, and commitment to the mission of the program.  The interview will also include an opportunity to further discuss the program and its requirements.


All accepted students must complete a series of steps before they are officially enrolled.  These next steps are described during a brief orientation meeting.