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During Junior Year

  • Talk with department faculty about ideas and brainstorm about topics for honors research
  • Ask one faculty member to be main advisor for the honors thesis work
  • Ask a second faculty member to serve as reader for the honors thesis work
  • Develop preliminary thesis proposal
  • Submit an application to Department for consideration of your admission into the Honors Program
  • Begin reading materials on the topic throughout summer

During Fall Semester in “Directed Honors Research”

  • Enroll in Sociology 492 or Anthropology 492
  • Enroll in Sociology 490 or Anthropology 490 (Honors Colloquium)
  • Conduct literature review and continue to brainstorm regularly with advisor
  • Develop final draft of research proposal following specifications in the Honors Moodle folder
  • Submit the IRB form to the IRB department chair along with the proposal if the research will involve human subjects
  • Gather preliminary data (if original data is collected)
  • Complete one or more chapters of the thesis
  • Compile complete bibliography for the project

During Spring Semester in “Honors Thesis”

  • Enroll in Sociology 493 or Anthropology 493
  • Enroll in Sociology 491 or Anthropology 491 (Honors Colloquium)
  • Complete the proposed research (first half of semester)
  • Regularly consult with advisor and sub-committee members as needed
  • Complete and rewrite draft(s) of honors thesis (second half of semester)
  • Oral presentation of your thesis work to a colloquium of faculty and students, likely in mid-April
  • Submit thesis to Department no later than May 8