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Russian: Major, Minor

Russia’s importance in the world continues to grow and Holy Cross students are taking advantage of all that Russian studies offers. The Russian program is small, but vibrant — the only one of its kind in central Massachusetts. The Russian program’s varied courses, extra-curricular offerings and study abroad opportunities prepare students for exciting careers, advanced degrees and a lifetime of thoughtful curiosity through this fascinating field of studies.

The Russian program combines students’ interest in Russia with a vibrant curriculum, which develops students’ speaking skills, critical thinking and analytical writing skills, while ensuring broad literacy in Russian history and culture. In addition to all levels of language study, the Russian program offers a wide array of literature and culture courses in different centuries (early Russia, 19th century, 20th century, contemporary Russia), genres (epic and folk tale, drama, poetry, prose, film), and geographical focus (Kievan Rus, European Russia, Siberia). Students may expand the breadth of their studies through Russian related courses in other disciplines such as history, economics, philosophy and political science.

To better understand today’s Russia, students interact with our native Russian foreign language assistants on campus and often study abroad in Moscow. The Russian program also sponsors film screening, artists’ performances and lectures that keep students informed about ongoing cultural, political and economic developments in Russia.

Program Highlights

  • The Russian language curriculum uses fresh, innovative methods to accelerate learning
  • Literature, art and culture courses develop students’ critical thinking, reading and writing skills
  • Students study abroad in Moscow — the cultural, economic and political center of Russia
  • Holy Cross Russian students are singled out for jobs, graduate school and fellowships

Russian News

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