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Foreign Language Assistants

Small practice sessions with a native Russian foreign language assistant give real life relevance to classroom work. Students practice their Russian through dynamic, interactive games as they explore contemporary Russian culture and lifestyles.

Cocurricular Events

The Russian program hosts a full calendar of co- and extracurricular events. These events include films, live performances, panels and lectures, and sponsored trips to museums, theaters, restaurants and cultural sites.

Opportunities Abroad

Holy Cross runs its study abroad program at the Russian State University for the Humanities. Students have a range of options, including a six-week summer program, a semester program and an academic year program. 

Career Advancement

The Holy Cross Russian major and minor, especially when combined with other major programs, can set students up for success in careers, graduate school admission and national fellowship programs. The Russian program advises students about these opportunities in one-on-one counseling sessions and by maintaining an on-line site for job listings and information resources. An alumni network also guides our graduates in career choices.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students interested in integrating other disciplines into their studies may pursue a major or minor in Russian and Eastern European Studies. This program allows students to design their own interdisciplinary program using courses from at least three departments, such as political science, economics, religious studies, and art history.