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The distinguished REES faculty members offer students expert knowledge on a range of topics — from current conflicts related to Ukraine, the oil industry, or the role of Islam in Central Asia to the Golden Age of 19th century Russian literature. Superior language courses offer students the chance to immediately engage with a variety of relevant primary materials beginning with medieval legends and extending to contemporary films. REES faculty also supervise an intensive six-week language study in Moscow every summer. Please visit the REES course offerings and requirements page for more information. 

Multidisciplinary Approach

Both the REES minor and the REES concentration within the International Studies major offer courses aimed at providing students with a well-rounded knowledge of a dynamic region whose future is crucial to global stability. Both are offered through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS), which encourages students to take initiative in creating a course of study best suited to their interdisciplinary academic interests.