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Prelaw Curriculum

Holy Cross students from a broad array of majors have gained admission to law school and gone on to leverage their law degrees in highly successful careers. There is no pre-defined curriculum for prelaw, nor is there a particular major recommended for a Holy Cross student who is interested in law school. Law schools seek candidates who have excelled in their chosen field of study and who demonstrate the oral and written expression, reaching comprehension and creative and critical thinking skills that will make them successful in law school and beyond. These skills that are necessary for success in law school align particularly well with those that we seek to develop in all students who attend Holy Cross. In fact, they are the hallmark of our liberal arts education.

Prelaw Advisor

Our prelaw advisor, Professor Scott Sandstrom, who has taught at the College for over 30 years, is a certified public accountant and has a law degree. Teaching in the Department of Economics and Accounting, his course offerings range from Financial Accounting and Federal Income Tax to Business Law. His unique combination of scholarship and teaching, including his own law school experience, make him an invaluable advisor to students and alumni who are interested in attending law school.

Moot Court and Mock Trial

Through participation in our award-winning moot court and mock trial teams, students have the ability to put their critical thinking and oral communication skills into action, gaining valuable “practice” experience in analyzing cases, presenting arguments, and examining witnesses. Participation in moot court and mock trial is not limited to students interested in law school; successful team members represent a wide variety of majors and interests, and the skills that are developed through this experience are valuable for today’s professionals in any career.