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Daniel Klinghard - Links

Political Science Resources

Cornell University's Making of America
Collection of nineteenth and early-twentieth century journals

American Rhetoric
Important and merely interesting speeches, many have sound clips

Abraham Lincoln Online 
Speeches and writings

The Founders' Constitution 
Authoritative source for original documents relating to the Founding and Constitution

The American Republic: Primary Sources
From the Liberty Fund, from settlement to the Civil War

The Avalon Project at Yale University
Important legal, political, and historical documents

Hypertexts at UVA
The University of Virginia's collection of hypertexts, including Tocqueville, DuBois, Twain, Weber 
Site sponsored by the Constitution Society, containing a number of original sources on Constitutional interpretation

The Political Graveyard
Tracks down the final resting places of prominent American politicians; also useful for identifying obscure politicians and identifying persons who have held particular offices

Alexander Hamilton Online 
Links to documents by and about Hamilton

Jefferson Digital Archive 
Including many letters to and from Jefferson

The Thomas Jefferson Papers
The Library of Congress' site -- includes digital copies of Jefferson's actual letters

Freedmen's Bureau Online
Documentary History of the Premier Reconstruction Agency

100 Important Documents

The Federalist
From the Library of Congress

Search The Federalist
Very useful, allows you to search the entire book by word or phrase

The Living Room Candidate 
Fascinating collection of every presidential campaign commercial since 1952

American Political Development at the Miller Center
Good resources on the study of American Political Development

Dave Robertson's APD Bibliography
A thorough bibliography of APD resources

Wilson Carey McWilliams Lectures
McWilliams' last course on American Political Thought since the Civil War; inclues sound recordings
and lecture notes

Biographical Directory of the US Congress 
Searchable database of biographical information on members of Congress

Speeches of Theodore Roosevelt 
Contains many of TR's speeches

The American Experience: Theodore Roosevelt
Official website for the PBS series, includes interviews on TR

The American Experience: The Duel
Official website for the PBS series, includes transcripts, special features, and the rules of duelling

The American Experience: Reconstruction
Official website for the PBS series, includes clips from the series, as well as additional material

Liberty! The American Revolution
Official website for the PBS series, including some good links and chronology

Office of the Clerk, US House of Representatives 
Great resource for historical information on the House

US Senate's History Page 
Not as comprehensive as the House's page, but useful

A blog dedicated to Supreme Court watching

The Hill 
Informative (and gossipy) site dedicated to happenings in Washington

A Century of Lawmaking
Collection of debates and documents in congressional history

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
An interesting collection of documents from Harpers' Weekly

AMDOCS -- Documents for the Study of American History
From Erik the Red to George W. Bush

The Hoover Institution's Campaign Finance Website
Including information on current laws, and proposed reforms

The Institute for Election Analysis
Current polling on the state of the nation's politics

The National Archives on the Electoral College
Comprehensive information on presidential elections

President Elect: The "Unofficial" Homepage of the Electoral College
Another electoral college maps site

Atlas of US Presidential Elections
With useful maps

US Presidential Election Maps
Somewhat easier to navigate

APSA: Toward a More Responsible Two-Party System 
The American Political Science Association's (in)famous report on the state of the parties, 
and some commentary that it has inspired over the years

Selected Works of David Hume
From C-SPAN's 1997-98 recreation of the Frenchman's travels in America;
includes biographical information and references to Tocqueville in the present day

Scott James' Homepage 
UCLA prof's site, including some articles and impressive data sets

The New Deal Network
Includes documents and photos