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Paul Oxley - Students

Undergraduates Involved in Research with Professor Paul Oxley:

Ryan Kennedy
Project Title: Fluorescence Detection System for In-Vacuum Ion-Atom Collision Experiments
Current Position: Holy Cross Sophomore

Bryan Ptucha
Project Title: Design and Analysis of a Chopped Lithium Beam
Current Position: Holy Cross Junior

Allison Hartman
Project Title: Neutral Atom Detectors
Current Position: Holy Cross Senior

Pat Collins
Project Titles: Atomic Spectroscopy of Lithium, An Ion Source for Plasma Physics Studies
Current Position: Physics Graduate School, Northwestern University.
For a picture of Pat (2nd from left) and three other 2012 graduates, taken in the lab then look here>.

Matt Davis
Project Title: A Detection System for Ion Atom Collisions
Current Position: Environmental Job Coordinator at Resource Options, Inc.

Josh Ryor
Project Title: Dual Wavelength Lasers for Atomic Physics Experiments.
Current Position: Graduate School, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Miguel Juarez
Project Title: Designing and Constructing a Lock-in Amplifier for Atomic Physics Experiments.
Current Position: Applying to medical school

Jen Goodell
Project Title: Magnetic Properties of Commercial Stainless Steels
Current Position: Science Teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School, St Louis

Suzy Flaherty
Project Title: Apparatus For Creation of an Ion Beam.
Current Position: Research Associate at Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.

James Daly
Project Title: Apparatus For Laser Excitation of Lithium Atoms.
Current Position: Chicago Medical School

Robert Molt
Project Title: Studies of Electric and Magnetic Fields Required to Create Coherent Elliptical State Atoms.
Current Position: Ph.D. student in Chemistry at the University of Florida