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Foreign Language Assistants Program

Foreign language assistants (FLAs) conduct language “practica,” or small group practice sessions, which are an integral part of language courses. Oral practice, real life simulations and interaction with native speakers offer students a way to increase their fluency while gaining insight into the contemporary world of their FLA’s native countries and communities. 

Study Abroad

In today’s world, first-hand cultural experience is as important as language proficiency. For this reason, students of MLL are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the many study abroad, study away, and Maymester programs offered at Holy Cross-affiliated sites across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States. 

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Students may explore their interests and expand the scope of their studies by combining MLL majors and minors with other disciplines. MLL participates in many multi-disciplinary programs on campus, such as Asian Studies. Through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS), students can also develop courses of study in the following areas: Arabic and Middle Eastern StudiesDeaf StudiesGerman StudiesItalian StudiesMedieval and Renaissance Studies, and Russian and East European Studies.

Beyond the Classroom

Vibrant cultural programming introduces students to a range of cultural traditions, intellectual perspectives and social practices. Lecture and debates, trips to museums and restaurants, and celebrations of national holidays are only some examples of the opportunities each program offers its students.

Innovative Resources

The Multimedia Resource Center provides a wide variety of resources, equipment and spaces where students can learn, study, and create through digital experiences.