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Current Courses

MARS Courses, Spring 2017

Art History:

          VAHI 137 D. Karmon, Destruction and Renewal

          VAHI 104 A. Luyster, Intro to Islamic Art

          VAHI 203 A. Luyster, Mediterranean Art



            ENGL 230 M. Schoenberger, Touchstones 1

            ENGL 230 S. Stanbury, Touchstones 1

            ENGL 401 S. Stanbury, Medieval Drama

            ENGL 299 H. Whall, Shakespeare and His World

            ENGL 329 H. Whall, Shakespeare

            ENGL 330 L. Oser, Shakespeare and Religion



ITAL 323 G. Spani, Dante



PHIL 399, J. Bernstein, Athens and Jerusalem


Religious Studies:

RELS 292, J. Pierce, Medieval Christianity



SPAN 409, C. Stone, Aspects of Spanish American Culture; Colonial Spanish American Literature

SPAN 499, A. Carcelen Estrada, Transatlantic Golden Age Literature