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Pi Mu Epsilon
Induction Ceremony (4/22/15)


Visiting the Alamo
Bill Hallahan'15, Ken Goettler'15, Prof. Damiano, Melissa McGuirl'15, and Gopal Yalla'15

Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Antonio, TX (1/2015)
Bill Hallahan'15, Marcus Antonellis'15, Ken Goettler'15, Prof. Damiano, Prof. Niles, Melissa McGuirl'15, Gopal Yalla'15, and Jessie Delacruz'15

2013 and 2014

CS Majors Tackle Climbing Wall
On Wall (12/2014): Joe DiSabito'16, Mark Safran'15; Front: Ryan Hartman'15, Regan McCooey'16, Prof.King, Sean Fox'15, Sam Silberstein'15

Compiler Construction Survivors Sean Fox'15, Sam Silberstein'15, Prof.King, Mark Safran'15, Regan McCooey'16, Joe DiSabito'16, and Ryan Hartman'15

2014 graduating CS Majors
Reggie Woods, Prof. King, Hannah Hodsden, Amenawon Johnson, Ryan Hallisay, and Stephen Pettinati

Hogwarts at Holy Cross (3/28/2014)Gopal Yalla'15, Melissa McGuirl'15, Molly Lynch'14, Maggie Hauser'15

Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore, MD (1/2014) Lauren Buckley'14, Alison Wilkman'14, Prof. Dave Damiano, Gopal Yalla'15, Molly Lynch'14, Melissa McGuirl'15

Red Sox win the World Series (10/30/13) Sarah Ober'15 is there!

Research Symposium (9/6/13) Prof. G. Roberts (Advisor), Maggie Hauser'15, Gopal Yalla'15; "Linearly Stable Relative Equilibria Utilizing a Dominant Mass"

Research Symposium (9/6/13) Melissa McGuirl'15 (Advisor: Prof. Damiano); "The Topological Microstructure of Murine Tumors"
Research Symposium (9/6/13) Alison Wilkman'14, Prof. Levandosky (Advisor), Kevin Cotter'14; "Stability Analysis of Solitary Wave Solutions of the KdV Equation" Research Symposium (9/6/13) Molly Lynch'14 (Advisor: Prof. Damiano) "Modeling Homeostatic Expansion of T Cell Populations," with Maggie Hauser'15 and Gopal Yalla'15.
Computer Science
Mass of the Holy Spirit (8/24/13)
Prof. Eric Ruggieri, Prof. Shannon Stock, and Prof. Catherine Roberts


Research Symposium (9/10/10)
Josh Lopez Travatello '12, Daniel Parsons '12
Research Symposium (9/10/10)
Annie Cervin '11
Research Symposium (9/10/10)
Chelsea Dalphond '11 and Prof. G. Roberts
Research Symposium (9/10/10)
Deirdre Scully '11
Prof. Royden, Emily McCourt, Prof. King
Summer Research: Prof. G Roberts, Prof. Royden, Josh Lopez Travatello '12, Daniel Parsons '12, Prof. Cecil, Marisa Zemsky '11, Deirdre Scully '11, Prof. Damiano, Maria Cavicchi '11



Computer Science Senior Lunch
Front L->R: Prof. King, Tom Heider, Mike Holloway
Standing L->R: Katie Moore, Prof. Royden, Jon Madore, Prof. Kumar, Zach Donahue, Jack Singleton
Matt Brady '10 and Prof. David Damiano
Modeling Deeply Knotted Proteins with KnotPlot
At the Joint Mathematics Meeting Undergraduate Poster Session in Washington DC (January 2009)
Sidewalk Mathematics  



Survivors of Compiler Construction 2008:
(left to right) Stephen Kondak '10, Prof. Laurie King, Jack Singleton '09,
Katie Moore '09, Don Matheney '10, Michael Holloway '09
James Antonio '09 and
Advisor Professor Hwang
Advisor Professor Royden and
Katie Moore '09
Christina D'Ambrogio'11 and
Advisors Professor Kumar and Professor King (not pictured)
Shea Sennett '10 and
Advisor Professor Gareth Roberts (not pictured)
Bridget A. Whitehead and (not pictured) Patrick H. Ryan, Ph.D. Jeff W. Burkle, Christopher D. Codispoti MD MS, Grace K. LeMasters Ph.D. Co-authors from Department of Environmental Health, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, where the research was done.
Summer 2008 Research Students and Their Advisors:
(left to right) Front Row: Katie Moore '09, Christina D'Ambrogio '11, Jon Madore '09;
Second Row: James Antonio '09, Shea Sennett '10, Matt Brady '10, Mike Holloway '09;
Third Row: Prof. Gareth Roberts, Prof. David Damiano, Prof. Laurie King, Prof. Stanzi Royden;
Last Row: Prof. Sharon Frechett, Prof. Andy Hwang, Prof. Viraj Kumar

Front: Katie Moore '09, Christina D'Ambrogio '11, Jon Madore '09; Back: James Antonio '09, Shea Sennett '10, Matt Brady '10, Mike Holloway '09


Programming Contests -- Archive

Spring 2005: Local Programming Contest

Fall 2001: Local Programming Contest
The Boston Region preliminary round of the North East North America Division of the ACM International Programming Contest was co-hosted by Holy Cross in 2001.

o Directions to Swords Hall at Holy Cross
o A few photos
o Press release

Fall 2000: Local Programming Contest

Fall 1999: Local Programming Contest