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The mathematics major at Holy Cross reflects a liberal arts perspective of delving beyond the simple understanding of subject matter to understanding why it matters. Students develop deep knowledge of the content they study and build an ability to see how to apply that knowledge to impact change in society. Our rigorous program provides both a breadth and depth of knowledge in undergraduate mathematics, while providing the opportunity for students to pursue a path of interest. For example, students interested in actuarial work can take a range of courses to prepare them for the preliminary actuarial exams and develop the modeling skills sought by employers. 

Research Opportunities

All majors complete at least one project course, an upper-level course that includes a research project involving individual or collaborative work, a written report, and an oral presentation, all tailored around the subject specialty of the faculty member teaching the course and the interest of the student.

Additionally, student-proposed research is a chance for majors to work with faculty on a project of their own interest and design, either during the summer or academic year. Students interested in pursuing research are encouraged to discuss their proposal with faculty in the department to find an appropriate advisor on their project. For more information on the Summer Research Program at Holy Cross, please visit the Office of the Science Coordinator.

Teachers and Scholars

Faculty in the mathematics program are all active scholars in a range of fields including several theoretical areas in geometry, topology, algebra, and analysis as well as various applied areas in differential equations and statistics. Faculty publish original mathematical research in journals, author undergraduate and graduate textbooks, are supported by a variety of research and teaching grants, and serve the profession as reviewers, editors, and society leaders. Students are invited to join faculty in multiple outreach events, including tutoring services provided to local Worcester children and providing professional development training to local teachers.

Opportunities for Additional Studies

  • The 3-2 Program in Engineering provides the opportunity to combine the study of mathematics with training in engineering. Students spend three years as full-time students at Holy Cross and two years as full-time students at Columbia University.
  • The Teacher Education Program leads to state licensure as a middle or high school teacher of mathematics