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Mathematics is a fundamental and dynamic area of human endeavor. It is the language of the sciences and social sciences, and in our increasingly technology-driven society, it is part of our daily public discourse. As a part of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, students in the mathematics program become knowledgeable and sophisticated learners, able to think and work independently, able to work productively in concert with their peers, and able to communicate effectively.

The primary goal of the programs in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Holy Cross is to enable students to become active participants in the study of fundamental and dynamic areas of human endeavor. The mathematics program is informed by other disciplines and seeks out ways that mathematics has an impact on the world at large. With a faculty of active scholars, many of whom are engaged in nationally-funded research, students in the mathematics program become logical problem solvers.  With appropriate course selections, math majors can graduate prepared for graduate studies, medical or law school, careers in education, insurance, national security, finance, banking, and business.

Program Highlights

All majors are educated in central areas of mathematics including calculus, multi-variable calculus, mathematical structures, linear algebra, real analysis, and modern algebra. Majors then choose a path through upper-level courses based on their interest, choosing courses from these areas:
  • Analysis
  • Algebra
  • Geometry and Topology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics