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Summer and Post-Graduation Opportunities

Once students have a completed a major or minor in Italian, and, especially, if they have studied abroad in Italy, they very often wish to use their knowledge and skills in the "real world," whether in the US or in Italy, whether for a few months or for years to come. In certain cases, pursuing Italian beyond Holy Cross means enrolling in an MA or PhD program in Italian.

Graduate Degrees in Italian

Students who wish to pursue an MA or PhD in Italian are encourage to meet with a faculty member in the Italian section to discuss the selection of a program. To select the appropriate program, it is important to consider: what kind of job the student hopes to find after completing the degree; what specific field s/he wishes to study (e.g., contemporary literature, cultural studies, Dante, cinema); if there is a particular professor/scholar with whom the student would like to study; if s/he would like to study in Italy or in the US (and where, specifically, in these countries); and what financial resources the student has available.

A number of Holy Cross alumni have completed Masters degrees in Italian through Middlebury College. A one-year MA, the program requires that students spend the summer at Middlebury College, in Vermont, and an academic year in Florence, Italy, where they take university courses and write a thesis.

Jobs and Internships

Jobs and internships, in Italy and the US, that require a knowledge of Italian language and culture are not plentiful, but they are most easily found if students, 1) think creatively; and 2) use the resources at their disposal. In the first case, students should think in terms of fields in which Italian is important, if not essential (i.e., fashion and design). In the second case, they should seek information from the Italian Consulate in their vicinity and other Italian cultural centers or institutes.

For example, the Italian Consulate in Boston, MA, provides current and complete information on work, training, and educational opportunities for students offered by the Italian government. Interested students should contact:

Prof. Carlo Cipollone
Ufficio Scolastico
Consolato Generale d'Italia
600 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02110
Tel +1 (617) 722-9409
Fax +1 (617) 722-9407

The following is a list of both specific opportunities and more general ideas for work or internships in Italy and in the US. Students should keep in mind that, in most cases, such positions are highly selective and that near-native fluency or high proficiency in Italian is required.


Study and Training Programs for English Language Assistants in Lombard Schools. The "Rete delle scuole autonome della Lombardia" offers a program of study, training, and cross-cultural experience to native speakers of English for the academic year. The program is open to individuals who are currently completing or have recently completed (in the last 18 months) college-level Italian language and culture. Students enrolled in an MA or PhD program of Italian in a North American university are also encouraged to apply. Contact Prof. Carlo Cipollone (see address above) for more information. Application forms can be accessed on the following site:

Clida (Centro linguistico italiano Dante Alighieri) Internships

Work as:

English instructor
Tour guide or leader (ciclismo italiano)
Au pair
Administrator for American study abroad programs or summer camps


Italian Trade Commission
Salvatore Ferragamo
The Parker Company
EF Educational Tours