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Requirements for a Major in Italian

Italian Studies Major (CISS)

Italian major requirements: the major consists of a minimum of 10 courses in Italian language, literature and culture beyond the elementary level and includes the following courses:

  • Intermediate Italian (Italian 201, Italian 202) (2 semesters)
  • Composition and Conversation (Italian 301)
  • Dante (Italian 260)
  • One course in Medieval and/or Renaissance literature (Italian 251, Italian 411)
  • One course in 19th- and/or 20th-century literature (Italian 419, Italian 420)


The remainder of the courses taken to fulfill the major requirements may include any combination of the other courses offered by the Italian section such as cinema, Special Topics, and tutorials (taken either during the third or fourth year of study). Students may also take a maximum of two courses in English; these courses may include Italian courses taught in translation or approved courses in related departments such as History, Music and Visual Arts.

Students who choose to major in Italian are strongly encouraged to study abroad. Of the courses taken in Florence, Italy, four courses may be applied to the major. Certain courses taken abroad may be accepted as the equivalent of the specific requirements listed above. Those students who spend their third year in Italy may declare the major during the first semester of their fourth year. All students who major in Italian are required to take two courses in their fourth year.

Students pursuing a major or minor in Italian cannot receive credit for courses taken on a pass/fail or audit basis.