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Italian: Major, Minor 

The Italian program at Holy Cross offers students the opportunity to begin or continue their study of Italian language, literature, and culture through rich course offerings and diverse opportunities for cultural immersion both in the classroom and beyond.

Through dynamic courses taught by distinguished faculty members, students acquire critical language skills that are reinforced by small group practice sessions led by native Italian foreign language assistants. Both majors and minors gain a deeper understanding of the Italian literary tradition and culture, becoming analytical thinkers and writers as they master a different language simultaneously. While the program’s courses are taught in Italian, at least one course is offered in English each year so that students just beginning their study of Italian may also examine more advanced topics in literature and film. Students interested in expanding their studies may consider various options, including studying abroad in Italy, where they can perfect their language skills and fully immerse themselves in Italian culture; and pursuing an interdisciplinary major or minor in Italian Studies.

Program Highlights

The Italian curriculum consists of language courses that range from elementary to advanced levels; literature courses spanning from medieval to contemporary periods; and culture courses. Some regularly offered courses include:
  • Dante
  • Introduction to Contemporary Italy
  • Sicily through Literature and Film
  • 20th Century Italian Novel and World War II

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