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Other Health Professional Programs

Holy Cross offers support and advice for students seeking entry into such health fields as dentistry, veterinary medicine, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, podiatry, optometry, physical therapy, public health, and many others. The advisors can assist in making a plan to meet the requirements for entry into such professional schools.  In general, students seeking entry into an allied health gradate school are well served by following the medical school preparation primer and making modifications for individual school requirements. For example, NP ad PA programs generally do not require physics but do require anatomy and physiology, so a student can use the primer but substitute A&P for physics in the course plan.

The menu on the left points to advice on preparing for dental school, veterinary school, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physical therapy, optometry, and pharmacy programs.  In addition, students may want to consult this list of online resources for allied health fields.