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Spring 2018 events

January 31, 5-6pm in SML 154, Important meeting: What makes a competitive applicant?
(Prof. Miles Cahill, health professions advisor) This is a critical meeting for everyone
considering applying to medical or dental school in the coming years. We will talk about what
grades, test scores and other elements make a competitive applicant and will hand out a sheet
with (anonymous) data on previous Holy Cross applicants. This is a very important meeting you
won’t want to miss if you are considering applying this coming year or in the next few years and
because of its confidential nature, it won’t be posted on our website.

February 5, 6:30 in Hogan 304/5, Dr. Michael Hallisey '82 "Let's Talk Medical School"
(Organized by the Center for Career Development). Dr. Hallisey arranges the Hartford Hospital
summer internship and as an experienced physician has many insights into medical training and
the career of a physician.

February 15, noon: Deadline for current students to sign up for a summer/fall Kaplan review
course with our institutional discount. Look for future information. Alumni may sign up for
courses at any time with our institutional discount.


February 16, noon: Deadline all materials due to for a spring
committee review.
Please read the instructions carefully and make sure you have worked with
your advisor (and the Writer’s Workshop) on your personal statement. As discussed in previous
meetings, your statement and materials are used to evaluate your application to the committee
and it is critical that you present yourself well.

February 21, 5:30-7pm in Stein 120, Dr. Mariann Manno, MD, Associate Dean of Admissions
University of Massachusetts School of Medicine and Division Chief, Pediatric Emergency

Medicine.   Dr. Manno is in charge of Admissions at UMass Medical School
and will provide insights into what makes a competitive applicant at UMass and generally. In
addition, she will talk about the new UMass PURCH track at the medical school. If you have any
interest in applying to UMass – or medical school in general – this is a can’t miss talk.


March 15, 5pm 

event video:

Panel with physicians and classics scholars: what does ancient
philosophy tell us about modern approaches to medicine?
(Co-Sponsored by Department of
Classics): Dr. Cristopher Lops ‘03, the chief resident physician at UMass Medical School, Dr.
Erin Teeple and Prof. Calloway Scott, a leading classics scholar from NYU to talk about the
centuries old debate about whether medicine should be reactive or proactive in providing care.

March 19, Healthcare Panel & Networking Night (Organized by the Center for Career
Development) Alumni to discuss various careers in healthcare, including Dr. Ed Soltesz '94, Chief
of the Heart Transplant at the Cleveland Clinic. Meet alumni and students in a variety of
healthcare careers. This is an outstanding opportunity to network.

March 21 or 22, date/time/place TBA, Bill T. Jones (organized by Arts Transcending Borders)
Celebrated choreographer Bill T. Jones will talk about the relationships between art and
suffering and healing. Many medical schools are incorporating the arts in their curriculums and
this will give you some interesting ways to make your application unique.

April 25 5-6pm in Stein 120: Important meeting: The medical and dental school application process:
Health professions advisor Prof. Miles Cahill. At this critical meeting meeting we will discuss the
details of how to apply to medical and dental school, including what you need to do to request
a committee letter.

May 1: Deadline for applicants in current cycle to request a reapplication for the 2018-19
application cycle.


May 2 - Stein 217, 2pm
NY College of Podiatric Medicine -Come learn about the best kept secret in medical careers
Come learn about careers in podiatry from the admissions staff of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine.  Podiatric Medical School is almost identical to allopathic and osteopathic medical schools, except is more specialized.  Podiatrists can get residency/specialities in sports medicine, pediatrics, gerontology, surgery and more!  Come learn about this great option - expectations for the MCAT and GPA is much lower than MD or DO schools but offers many of the same opportunities as an MD or DO.

May 8 1-3pm, Stein 223: Personal statement and interview workshops.

  • A workshop on interview skills, including the “multiple mini-interview (MMI) format (1-2pm).
  • Prof. Cahill and members of the Center for Writing and Center for Career Development will help you craft an effective medical/dental/allied health school personal statement (2-3pm).

June 1: Deadline to renew your subscription to health professions advising e-mails to make
sure you don’t miss out on any events or deadlines. Look for e-mail solicitation.


Fall 2017 Events

Deadline to Request an Advisor & Review by the Committee

Friday, October 6, 2017

1. Submit the electronic Health Professions Advisor Request Form (must be logged into google with your HC email) by Oct. 6. 

2. Submit a completed/signed PDF copy of the  Health Professions Waiver Form to (no need to do this if you have done one in previous years). 

Advisors will be assigned after fall break.



Health Professions Meeting for First-Year Students


Thursday, September 7th

5:15pm-6:15pm, Rehm Library

We will discuss such topics as course planning, advising at Holy Cross, and how to be competitive for a health professional school.  Please come if you have any interest in a career as a medical doctor, dentist, veterinarian, physician assist, nurse practitioner or any other health profession!


“Kick-off” meeting for committee applicants:  9/28, 5:15-6:30pm, O’Neill 112

This is an important meeting for third and fourth year students and alumni who are considering applying to medical, dental or veterinary school in the coming cycle.  If this is you, please attend!  (If you are a first or second year student, your turn will come!)


Dental school information session:  10/5,  7-8pm, Stein 134

If you are considering applying to dental school, a representative from the University of Connecticut School of Dentistry will make a presentation on campus about how to be a successful dental school applicant.  UConn is a terrific school, accepts out of student students, and is liberal in offering in-state tuition for out-of-state students in their second year.


Kaplan exam preparation information meeting:  10/17, 5:15-6:15pm, Smith Labs 154

If you plan to take the MCAT, DAT or other exam in the coming year, you should come to this meeting to see what Kaplan has to offer.  They provide Holy Cross students with a substantial discount and financial aid but more importantly offer a terrific class and other materials.  Because we have an institutional discount, we need to enroll (and charge) students in a particular way so please come to hear these details.


Virtual Information Session with Georgetown University School of Medicine:  on October 18th from 3:00-4:00pm 

Please click on the link below to start the ZOOM session (located in email sent 9/21/17) to speak with an admissions officer and a current student! 


Nurse practitioner club meeting:  10/19, 6pm, Hogan 406

Interested about learning more about a career as a nurse practitioner (NP)?  This meeting will feature conversations with alumni nurse practitioners and will work to form an ongoing student organization.


Physician assistant club meeting:  10/24, 5:15, Stein 208

Health professions advising committee member Patty Cerreto, PA-C and faculty member at MCPHS will talk about her work as a physician assistant, the opportunities at MCPHS-Worcester, and how to be a successful PA school applicant.  We will also use this meeting to try to form a new PA club to support pre-PA students.


Personal statement workshop:  10/21, 9am-11am, Smith Labs 154

If you are planning on requesting a committee review or plan to apply to a graduate professional school in the next year, this workshop is essential.  We will lay out our expectations, and give you strategies to get started on this daunting task.  The personal statement is a key piece of information we use in evaluating applicants in the committee, so it is essential that you do your best work.


Information on medical school admissions:  11/7, 7-8:30pm, Stein 134

The admissions director from Loyola University – Stritch School of Medicine will present an information session on becoming a successful medical school applicant and will talk about Loyola’s medical school in particular.  More Holy Cross applicants applied to Loyola than any other school in the current cycle and this is a terrific opportunity to network and get inside information on how to be successful both at Loyola and generally.


Dr. James O’Connell, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program: November 16, 7pm, Seelos theater

Dr. O’Connell was last year’s commencement speaker and gives an engaging, personal, and moving account of his work caring for homeless men and women on the Boston streets.  Make every effort to attend this talk – it promises to be highly inspiring.  Dr. O’Connell embodies the Jesuit mission to work for and with others and has had an enormous impact on the most vulnerable population in Boston.  His organization (BHCHP) is accepting interns, fellows, and volunteers to work with homeless population, and this an excellent opportunity to learn more about this work.  He works with several Holy Cross alumni as well.  We highly encourage you to buy and read his book, Stories from the Shadows:  Reflections of a Street Doctor.  It is a highly moving account of the men and women he serves.