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Study Abroad

Holy Cross students interested in pursuing studies in Germany can choose from a variety of options:

  • Holy Cross program in Bamberg (full year--due to the different semester schedules in the US and in Germany [winter semester October to February and summer semester April to July]);
  • Goethe Institute courses in the summer (2 x four week courses in lieu of GERM 201/2--one of which counts towards the German major or minor: again due to the semester schedule difference, courses in January often conflict with the Holy Cross schedule);
  • AATG summer internships (in order to learn German while gaining work experience).

Students who study in Bamberg during their sophomore or junior year go on to major in a variety of subjects. Please discuss your options with your major advisor beforehand to ensure proper transfer of credits. All students must have completed at least Intermediate German or its equivalent prior to the beginning their studies in Germany. In addition, all students enroll in an intensive language course in Bamberg before they begin their studies. The above mentioned intensive summer course offers all students to improve the language skills--not only in preparation for studying abroad.

For more information please contact either Sylvia Schmitz-Burgard, Associate Professor of German, MLL or Brittain Smith, Director of the Study Abroad Office.

Detailed Information about studying at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität in Bamberg.

"Deutsch als Fremdsprache" courses will offer choices especially for the first semester; over the course of the year at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität, you will to accumulate 40 to 45 ECTs. In the past, students have enrolled in some of the following courses: LANG 500: Contrast Linguistics German-English; GERM 511: Bamberg Culture; GERM 515: German Stereotypes and Mentality;  GERM GERM 530: Creative Writing and Speech; GERM 550: Phonetics 2;  GERM 552: Listening Comprehension 2; GERM 557: German Preparatory course; GERM 558: Intro Seminar History German Language.

The Otto-Friedrich-Universität also offers a number of courses in English (e.g. HIST 516: German Empire to World War II; HIST 517: Old Empire to German Empire; PLS 514: Security Politics in Europe; POLS 515: Foreign Policy and Security; GERM 516 International Institutions amd Global Governance; POLS 517: Spain after the 2016 Election; Sociology Reading Course: States, Revolutions, Social Movements; Sociology: Methods in Sociophonetics; Computer Science: Introduction to Security and Privacy; Computer Science: Ethics for the Digital Society; Psychology: Pain--Psychology & Physiology; Economics: Organisation Theory and Research Methods: Economics: Managing Dynamic Organisations)