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Foreign Language Assistants

In addition to classroom learning, students continue to practice German in small group practice sessions led by a German foreign language assistant (FLA). Through dynamic and interactive activities, classroom lessons are reinforced while the FLA also offers students a direct window in contemporary German culture.

Study Abroad

Students studying German are encouraged to augment their studies by studying abroad in Germany during their third year at Holy Cross. The fully-immersive program, which enrolls students at the Otto-Friedrich University in Bamberg, allows students to perfect their German and experience German culture first-hand.

Interdisciplinary Studies

German Studies, an interdisciplinary program offered through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, is designed to give students an expanded understanding of the cultural, social and political life of the German-speaking people in their historical and international context. The program joins the German program with other disciplines such as history, art, music, and political science.

Beyond the Classroom

Students continue to practice their German and learn about German culture through the many programs held by the German program. In addition to daily programming, the German program also hosts historically significant parties to celebrate holidays such as Oktoberfest or Maifest, movie nights, guest lectures and concerts.

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