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Top Ten Reasons to Study French at Holy Cross!

Good things that begin with French: French fries, French toast, French kisses ...why not "French class" ???
Impress your friends at parties: learn to pronounce "Gérard Depardieu" the right way! (After all, the French invented cinema; the Lumière Brothers showed the first films in Paris in 1895!)
Increase your brain power: studies show learning a foreign language improves reasoning ability, verbal intelligence, divergent thinking and cognitive flexibility!
The #1 tourist destination in the world?? Oui, oui! C'est la France! The number of people visiting France per year is greater than its entire population! Oh la la!
The fastest train (TGV) and the biggest plane (A380) were made by the French, who are now the current world leaders in aerospace technology!
New England: borders on Canada. Canada: has lots of French-Speaking people and is the primary consumer of US exports!
French: the international language of love... and official language of the European Union, the United Nations, the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund, UNESCO & the Olympic Committee!
What Descartes really said was: "I think, therefore I am going to register for a French class at Holy Cross this year!"
(Disclaimer : not an exact quote)
sautée, omelette, cuisine, cinéma, finesse, carte blanche, coup d'état, la radio, le t-shirt, le weekend... YOU ALREADY KNOW HALF OF THE VOCABULARY WORDS! (Over 40% of English vocabulary is derived from French & many modern French words come from English!)

The only language other than English that is spoken on 5 continents!