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Study Abroad

Why study abroad?

  • Distinguish yourself from the pack: only 1% of undergraduates nationwide study abroad
  • Enhance your skills and boost your resumé: companies today seek employees with international experience, foreign language capabilities and a global perspective
  • Develop your fluency in French: studying in France or in a francophone African country will allow you to perfect your French at lightning speed!
  • Meet new friends and cultivate lifelong relationships with your host family and students from Africa, Europe, America, and many other parts of the world
  • Gain valuable work experience for the competitive job market with an internship abroad
  • Challenge yourself: become more aware of who you are as a person and as an American
  • Travel extensively: world-class cities, cultural treasures, and natural wonders are hours away!
  • Broaden your academic horizons: you will have access to courses and disciplines not offered at Holy Cross
  • Learn through seeing and doing: visit important historical sites and monuments, observe the blending of old and new as French and African societies advance into the 21st century
  • Finally, it's painless! Holy Cross students abroad have extensive academic resources: native language tutors and experts to help with language skills and writing assignments, contact with Holy Cross Foreign Language Assistants who have already spent a year at the College, and a preliminary intensive language workshop in Tours, France to get your French up to speed and ease the transition into a new environment...

Who can go abroad?

  • Juniors! The application and selection procedure begins in sophomore year
  • ANY MAJOR! All students, French majors in particular, but also French minors are encouraged to study abroad at one of Holy Cross study abroad sites. Study abroad in France or in a francophone African country is easiest for students in humanities, social sciences and fine arts. Students in the sciences will probably need to plan their coursework more carefully but are still eligible and encouraged to go abroad
  • GPA of at least 3.0
  • French proficiency equivalent to the completion of Intermediate French 2
  • Participation in Holy Cross Study Abroad programs qualifies for financial aid from the College

Where can I go ?

  • Tours, France

Students spend the month of August in Tours, France where they undergo four weeks of intensive language study at the Institut de Touraine. Students may then opt to study for a full academic year in Dijon or Strasbourg in France, or in a francophone African country, or choose to study for one semester only (fall, in Strasbourg, France), with the option to extend their stay for the full academic year.

Institut de Touraine
Syndicat d'initiative de Tours

  • Dijon, France

Located in the Burgundy region of France, Dijon (best known for its mustard!) is a medium-sized city with a large and vibrant university only one hour from Paris by high-speed train (TGV). Its large student population of nearly 30,000 means that it abounds in restaurants, cafés, music and cultural activities geared to students. Courses available include French Literature, Linguistics, Psychology, Political Science, History, Art History, Economics, Classics, Sociology and more. Holy Cross students often pursue studies in the English literature program there.

Université de Bourgogne
Syndicat d'initiative de Dijon

  • Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace, the Fench region often referred to as the crossroads of Europe because of its proximity to Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Strasbourg is also the seat of the European Parliament, an important political institution that makes the city an excellent choice for those interested in Political Science. Students may enrol at the IEP (Institut d'Etudes Politiques), at the University of Strasbourg, and at the Institut de Théologie Catholique for courses in Religious Studies.

Université de Strasbourg
Syndicat d'initiative de Strasbourg

  • Francophone Africa

Francophone African countries offer a stimulating environment for students in African Studies, International Relations, Development Studies, French, and the historical legacy that has made Africa what it is today: from conquest and domination by European powers, to independence struggles, to political turmoil, and the development of democratic institutions. Holy Cross's program is a partnership with universities located in francophone African countries. Students will draw up an individual plan of study choosing courses in French, Francophone Literature, Economics, Accounting, Political Science, Law, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Visual Arts and more.


For more information:

For more information, contact our Study Abroad Liaison Professor Schilt (Stein 413).

The Study Abroad Office is located in Smith 218. Click here to access the Study Abroad page.


  • French Honor Society - Pi Delta Phi ( was founded at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1906. The purpose of this Society is to recognize outstanding scholarship in French and Francophone studies, to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Americans for the cultural contributions of the French-speaking world, and to stimulate French and Francophone cultural activities. Holy Cross students interested in joining the Society must have taken courses beyond the intermediate level series and have a French GPA of 3.0. For more information, contact Professor Ouédraogo.
  • Bourgeois Prize - Awarded each year to the student who writes the best French essay. For more information, contact Professor Enjolras.
  • Shirley Verrett French Prize - In memory of Rev. Lionel P. Honoré, S. J. - Awarded each year to the top French major in the graduating class as determined by the French faculty. For more information, contact the Section Coordinator, Professor Enjolras.
  • Edna Dwyer Grzebien Prize - Awarded to the student who demonstrates outstanding ability in two or more languages. For more information, contact the Department Chair, Professor Ross.
  • Concours des 10 mots - Contest held every year at all levels of French language up to Composition and Conversation. Students are invited to write a story or a poem including 10 specific words. The best text at each level is awarded a prize by the French section.