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Sample Courses

Sample courses in the Environmental Studies Program.


BIOL 114 Biological Principles: Plants and Human Affairs, or Oceans and People (counts for minors only)
BIOL 117* Environmental Science
BIOL 163* Introduction to Biological Diversity and Ecology (with lab)
BIOL 233 Freshwater Ecology (with lab)
BIOL 235 Marine Biology (with lab)
BIOL 250 Field Biology (with lab)
BIOL 275 Biological Statistics
BIOL 280 General Ecology (with lab)
BIOL 331 Ecosystem Ecology
BIOL 361 Toxicology
BIOL 381 Conservation Biology


CHEM 141 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 181* Atoms & Molecules (with lab)
CHEM 231 Equilibrium and Reactivity (with lab)


CLAS 233 Nature in the Classical World


ECON 110* Core Principles of Economics
ECON 224* Environmental Economics


ENGL 344 The Romantic Revolution
ENGL 351 Thoreau Then and Now
ENGL 377 Environmental Poetics

Environmental Studies
ENVS 118/199 Environmental Perspectives
ENVS 200 Environmental Law
ENVS 247 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems


GEOS 140 Environmental Geology (counts for minors only)
GEOS 150* Introduction to Geology (with lab)
GEOS 210 Geomorphology (with lab)
GEOS 270 Watershed Hydrology (with lab)
GEOS 310 Paleoclimatology
GEOS 350 Oceanography


HIST 122 Food, Power & Environment
HIST 140 Nature and Society
HIST 230 Environmental History
HIST 305 America's First Global Age


MATH 110 Topics in Mathematics: Environmental
Mathematics (counts for minors only)
MATH 220 Statistics


(recent offerings)
MONT 100N Living, Naturally
MONT 102N Environmental Justice
MONT 104N Modeling the Environment
MONT 106N River Stories/The Blackstone
MONT 110N The Idea of Wilderness
MONT 112N 13 Ways of Writing Nature


PHIL 240 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 247 Environmental Political Philosophy

Political Science

POLS 257 Politics of Development
POLS 285 Global Environmental Politics
POLS 286 Comparative Environmental Policy

Religious Studies

RELS 255 Ecology and Religion
RELS 260 Comparative Mysticism & Human Ecology RELS
RELS 340 Gardens and World Religions
RELS 353 Theology and Ecology


SOCL 210 Consumer and Corporate Sustainability
SOCL 236 Environmental Sociology
SOCL 238 Cities and the Environment

Visual Arts

VAST 206 Drawn to Nature
VAHI 250 Making the Modern City
VAHI 299 American Landscapes
VAHI 330 Designing Green