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How to Apply 

Students are encouraged to apply for acceptance in their first or second years. Enrollment in the program accords students priority in some environmental courses.

  1. Students who are new to Environmental Studies should first explore this website, particularly the Requirements page.
  2. Students must then speak with their advisor and think critically about the program. 
  3. Students who wish to major or minor in Environmental Studies must meet with the director of Environmental Studies to help determine if this program is right for you, and if so, to construct an initial plan of study. Review the requirements for the Environmental Studies major or minor; mark which classes you have taken or are currently taking, and indicate which courses you are interested in taking in the future. Consider whether you wish to study abroad (highly recommended) and review the possible programs described on this website. Make an appointment to meet with the director or plan to stop by during office hours (posted on this website on the About page).
  4. After you meet with the director and if you decide you wish to declare the major or minor, go to the Forms & Flows website, and follow the instructions to declare Environmental Studies.