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Off-Campus Opportunities

The Consortium
Holy Cross students may take courses at other schools in the Higher Education Consortium of Central MassachusettsClark University, with its recently-formed Environmental School, has many offerings in areas relevant to environmental studies. Worcester Polytechnic Institute has strengths in scientific and technical aspects in its Environmental Studies program. Contact the Holy Cross registrar for course listings or call the consortium school directly for course information.

Semester Away Programs
Several excellent environmentally-oriented semester programs are offered in the United States and abroad. In addition, many schools in the Holy Cross Junior Year Abroad program have extensive environmental offerings. Several Holy Cross students with environmental interests have very successfully integrated these offerings into their courses of study. Contact the Environmental Studies Director or the Associate Director of CIS for details.

Volunteer, Internship, and Employment Opportunities in Worcester

Environmental Studies students can work with local environmental nonprofit agencies, such as the Regional Environmental Council, the Greater Worcester Land Trust, the Blackstone River Coalition, Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary and Conservation Center, and the EcoTarium ecology museum.  This work can take many forms.  Internships through the College's Academic Internship Program can be arranged.  Volunteer opportunities, summer internships, as well as work-study jobs, are also available at these locations.  To find out more, visit the websites of these organizations to determine what is of interest and then make arrangements by sending an email to the Environmental Studies Director. 


Fall and Spring Semester Local Research Opportunities


Greener U
Holy Cross, in partnership with the Worcester-based organization Greener U, has been coordinating a number of environmental outreach initiatives on campus this semester. Greener U is looking for an Independent Researcher to examine the efficacy of our energy outreach program among faculty and staff via the Power Down Challenge. Responsibilities would include constructing and administering a survey of  environmental attitudes, reported behavior, perceived self-efficacy, and similar pro-environmental indicators both early in outreach, and following the program's completion.



MassDEP Semester Internship Program

The MassDEP offers exciting opportunities year round for individuals who are interested in working and utilizing their skills in the environmental field. Interns are provided with education, training, hands-on experience, supervision, and networking opportunities, utilizing modern technology and information systems during their internships.

Internships are conducted in supervised settings and are available in MassDEP's various bureaus, departments and regional offices. Highlights of the program include site visits, field trips, brown-bag lunches with speakers from various state departments, and connection to an Internal MassDEP Intern Facebook Group, where participants can communicate, share their experiences, and obtain information about upcoming events and employment opportunities.

Openings for Spring Internships are typically posted on the webpage in November. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and will be available online shortly after.

For more information about this exciting opportunity, visit the Internship Program Webpage.


Summer Research Opportunities