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Alumni Stories

Environmental studies alumni are using their Holy Cross educations in a wide variety of careers and as a starting point for further study. Some examples are below.

ENVS majors, class of 2016

  • Graduate school in landscape architecture
  • Agro-forestry volunteer for the Peace Corps
  • Scientist for an environmental consulting firm

ENVS majors, class of 2015

  • Social media intern for an environmental non-profit
  • MSc student in river science
  • Project Representative at an environmental engineering firm
  • Sales Account Manager for a petroleum technology firm
  • Graduate school in urban and environmental planning
  • Field organizer for the League of Conservation Voters

ENVS majors, classes of 2012-2014

  • Environmental Scientist
  • MSc/MBA student in Environmental Science and Policy/Business
  • MSc student in hydrology
  • Conservation coordinator at Barnstable Land Trust
  • Marketing coordinator for an environmental consulting and management firm
  • Program analyst at an energy and sustainability firm
  • MSc student in Fish and Wildlife and Environmental Conservation
  • Americorps member Cape Cod


Alumni Stories

Are you a Holy Cross Environmental Studies alum, or Holy Cross alum working in an environmental field? Do you want to add your name and/or link to your professional webpage to our Alumni Stories page? Email your name, class year, major/minor, current position, and URL of your professional webpage to  the ENVS administrative assistant, Mrs. Kathy McGrath, at kmcgrath at and she will add it to this page.



Kristen K. Wilson '00

Ms. Wilson is senior counsel to Harris Beach PLLC practicing with the Business and Commercial Litigation Practice Group, Municipalities and Quasi-Governmental Agencies Industry Team, and the Construction and Surety Law and Environmental Law Practice Groups.  Ms. Wilson represents municipal clients in state and federal litigation focusing on Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, land use, environmental, and civil rights matters.  She also represents corporate clients on contractual, property, and business litigation matters.  Ms. Wilson serves as municipal counsel to the City of Rye and the Village of Dobbs Ferry and as special counsel to the City of Yonkers.  Ms. Wilson also serves as a co-chair of the Pollution Prevention Committee of the New York State Bar Association. Learn more about Ms. Wilson on the website for Harris Beach PLLC.


David Murphy '03

David Murphy is an Assistant Professor in the Geography Department and an Associate of the Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy, both at Northern Illinois University. He serves also as an Environmental Policy Analyst for the Environmental Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. Dr. Murphy's research focuses on the intersection of energy, economics, and the environment. Recently, his work has focused on estimating how the extraction of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale has impacted the provision of ecosystem services from the local environment. In addition, he researches how the energy return on investment from oil is related to oil price and economic growth. Dr. Murphy's work for Argonne National Laboratory addresses the environmental impacts associate with utility-scale solar energy development.

David Groves '03

After graduating in 2003, David Groves moved to Washington, DC to work on federal environmental policy. While at the Environmental Investigation Agency, David organized a campaign that achieved passage of a law forbidding the importation of illegally-sourced plant material into the U.S. This effectively turned the U.S. market from being a major driver of the global illegal logging problem through its demand for cheap wood products to being a key force in the fight against illegal logging. David then became director of operations at the Montreal SPCA and is now earning a sustainable MBA from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco.

Timothy J. Rowell '07

As a marine biologist and conservationist, I am deeply indebted to the exceptional education and professional training the College of the Holy Cross provided me.  I graduated from Holy Cross in 2007 with a Biology and Environmental Concentration degree and have continued my passion for advancing the field of biology and environmental stewardship.  Besides learning how to be a successful biologist, Holy Cross instilled into my personality a willingness to disperse important knowledge to the public.  After graduating, I taught marine science at Seacamp and the Newfound Harbor Marine Institute in the Florida Keys.  I truly enjoyed the collaboration of science with education during my time in the Keys, and chose to continue teaching as an AmeriCorps volunteer educator at the Herring Gut Learning Center, a marine based alternative education school in Port Clyde, Maine.  Afterward, I switched gears a little and worked at a shellfish aquaculture operation producing sustainable seafood in Bremen, Maine.  During my time in Maine, I encountered an expected yearning to continue my education and return to a research oriented track, which led me to enroll in a marine science master's program at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez in 2010.  While in Puerto Rico, I focused my education and research on developing efficient ways to monitor populations of reproducing grouper species and to weigh the efficacy of spawning aggregation management strategies.  Specifically, I developed passive acoustic technologies to determine fish abundance solely from their species-specific acoustic behaviors.  Believe it or not, many species of fish vocalize similar to birds during reproductive periods.  The outcome of my master's work has resulted in a more widespread use of passive acoustics in the waters of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and a questioning of the current management practices.  I have since graduated and am currently working for the Caribbean Fisheries Management Council distilling acoustic data into reports to be used by fisheries managers in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  Looking into the near future, I hope to enroll in a PhD program in marine biology in Fall 2013.

Jason Baillio '10

As a biology major and environmental studies major at Holy Cross I gained a solid foundation in scientific research. I was also able to study abroad through the School for Field Studies in Kenya during the spring semester of my junior year. During my senior year I then had the opportunity to begin working with Dr. William Sobczak on a project using macroinvertebrates to quickly assess water quality and this experience conducting fieldwork was invaluable for preparing towards graduate school. After graduating from Holy Cross in 2010 I began working on my Master's degree in Water Resources at the University of New Hampshire. I completed my Master's degree in 2012 and I have recently been accepted as a primary candidate in the NOAA Corp where I will have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of research projects at sea. I will be reporting for training at the U.S Coast Guard Academy in January.