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Business Workshops

The following business workshops provide technical skills and detailed industry specific information to help you start your business career. 

This is one of six milestone requirements towards the COES Professional Program Certificate of Readiness. Complete four.


  • Fullbridge Professional Edge @ Holy Cross is held three times per year (August, January & May) that provides a simulated work experience to expose students to the basics of business.  Fullbridge is a pre-requisite to the following workshops. (required)


  • Finance Boot Camp is a four-day workshop designed as an immersion to guide students who are interested in banking careers.  Held over fall break with an overnight trip to NYC, students attend sessions hosted by alumni at various banks including J.P. Morgan, Barclays, Goldman Sachs & UBS.
  • Corporate Finance & Banking is a two-day workshop over spring break exposing students to a basic understanding of the industry.  Students will attend sessions hosted by alumni at various Boston firms including Fidelity, Bank of America, etc. 
  • Entrepreneurship Deep Dive held over spring break works as a motivating and idea-clarifying workshop for fresh ideas to become more concrete. Site visits include working with alumni at innovative companies like Samsung, etc.
  • Global Supply Chain Management held over fall break is a two-day workshop that will give students hands-on experience in understanding how a global supply chain gets things made and delivered to where customers are.  Alumni will discuss inherent political, cultural and ethical issues. 
  • Marketing Communications & Sales is a four-day workshop held over spring break with a site visit to Boston.  Alumni from their respective industries teach this workshop.
  • Business Ethics & Principled Leadership is a one-day workshop that helps students find their intellectual, emotional, and moral qualities of successful business leadership.  This alumni-led workshop is held during the school year on a Saturday in the spring.
  • The Non-Profit Careers Conference is offered through the Community Based Learning Office on campus and is for students seeking careers in non-profit and community based organizations, activism, public service, and social change. The program is taught by Holy Cross alumni, faculty and staff working within a non-profit or public service setting at the international, national, regional, and local levels.


  • Future Steps is a comprehensive two-day workshop over winter break for students who have completed at least two of the above-mentioned workshops. Students work with alumni through a series of exercises to connect their liberal arts aducation and experiences to the marketplace, thus building their "personal brand" in preparation for internship and job interviews. (required)