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Chinese: Major, Minor

1.3 billion people in the world — one fifth of the world’s population — speak Chinese as their first language. At Holy Cross, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the increasingly influential language and culture of China both in and out of the classroom through the vibrant offerings of the Chinese program.

Made up of a distinguished faculty whose work is internationally recognized, the Chinese program offers up to four years of Mandarin Chinese language courses in addition to courses that explore Chinese literature, cinema, and culture through a range of disciplines. The language courses of the program are supported by small group practice sessions led by Chinese foreign language assistants, who reinforce classroom lessons while simultaneously offering an authentic and contemporary window into Chinese culture. 

Students interested in expanding the breadth and depth of their studies have a variety of options, including participating in a fully-immersive study abroad program in China, pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in Asian Studies or international studies, or pursuing a Chinese language teaching certification. The Chinese program also supports graduating seniors who seek to continue their Chinese studies through various post-graduate scholarships and programs in the Chinese speaking world. 

Program Highlights

Students in the Chinese program take language courses — ranging from elementary to advanced levels — as well as courses on Chinese literature, linguistics, cinema, and culture. Students are encouraged to broaden their understanding of China through courses offered across the college in areas such as Chinese art, economics, history, philosophy, politics, and religions. Courses regularly offered in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures include: 
  • Traditional Chinese Literature
  • Chinese Culture through the Camera’s Eye
  • Introduction to Chinese Linguistics

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