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Study Abroad

If you want to become fluent in Chinese, you must study in an intensive immersion program, either abroad or in the US. Study in China greatly strengthens your language skills and also your understanding of Chinese culture.

The ideal time for Chinese language study abroad is after three or more semesters of language study at Holy Cross. Holy Cross offers one or two semester programs in Beijing and Harbin, China, and a two semester program consisting of the fall semester in Beijing and the spring semester in an internship and language study program in Shanghai.

If you receive financial aid at Holy Cross, your financial aid applies to study at Holy Cross study-abroad sites.

If you are serious about learning Chinese but study abroad during the academic year does not fit into your schedule, you should pursue intensive summer language study, either in China, Taiwan, or the United States.

Follow the links to Holy Cross Study Abroad page and to information about summer language study abroad.

Holy Cross Program in China

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