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Interdisciplinary Studies

Offered through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, an Asian Studies major or minor gives students the opportunity to approach their studies from a multi-disciplinary perspective, joining courses offered on Asia from departments across campus, including history, anthropology, economics, music, and religious studies.


Foreign Language Assistants

In addition to classroom learning, students continue to practice Chinese in small group practice sessions led by one of three Chinese foreign language assistants (FLAs) from Taiwan. Through dynamic and interactive activities, classroom lessons are reinforced while the FLA also offers students direct interaction with contemporary Chinese culture. The FLAs also participate in, and often organize, the many cocurricular activities held throughout the year. 


Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to enrich their studies of Chinese language, literature, and culture through semester and yearlong study abroad opportunities available through Holy Cross. Programs offered in Beijing and Shanghai allow students to dramatically improve their language proficiency while experiencing Chinese culture first-hand through complete immersion. 


Teacher Education Program

Through the Teacher Education Program, Holy Cross offers the only undergraduate program in Massachusetts that leads to licensure in teaching Chinese language at the secondary or middle school level.


Alumni Success

Graduates of the Chinese program have continued to careers in a variety of fields, including business, economics, education, journalism, and diplomacy. Graduates have also received awards and scholarships to continue their Chinese studies from prestigious and competitive programs such as Fulbright and Ministry of Education.