All students expecting to complete the Business, Ethics and Society (BES) minor must complete a qualifying internship. The BES internship performs a number of functions within the program. Among other things, it gives students the opportunity to:

  • develop practical business skills, with special emphasis and support for two particular areas chosen by the student
  • develop the ethical and social conceptual frameworks necessary for ethical action in the business arena
  • develop the personal, organizational, or industry-related familiarity necessary for ethical action in a particular workplace or industry
  • develop and practice the communicative skills essential to ethical action in the workplace, and
  • begin gathering information for the development of their capstone cases.

The internship, which may take place in the summer or during the academic year, is thus an integral part of each student’s course of study.

We strongly recommend that students secure acceptance to BES, and approval of their projects and related courses of study, before completing the internship requirement. Where this is not possible, students should work closely with the BES advisor to ensure that they complete all of the work necessary for the program during their internship, pending admission to BES. We cannot guarantee that students who complete a BES internship ahead of acceptance to the program will ultimately be admitted.

Please contact the BES advisor for more details about this requirement.