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Recent alumni listed. If you are not here or your info has changed, please contact us. . .we'd love to hear from you!

Class of 2018:

  • Paul Endres, Chemistry, Sculimbrene Lab, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Rachel Ferrara, Biology, Sheehy Lab, Medical Assistant, Brown U
  • C.J. Janton, Biology, Mills Lab, Research Assistant Mass General
  • Tommy Kalantzakos, Biology, Ober Lab
  • Christrian Ramsoomair, Chemistry, Mills lab, Research Assistant MIT
  • Jake Sbarbaro, Biology, Ober Lab

Class of 2017:

  • Melissa Connolly, Biology, Bellin Lab, ESTEEM program, Notre Dame
  • Anthony Criscitiello, Biology, Ober lab, Research Assistant, UMass Med
  • Jeeva Jacob, Biology, Paxson lab
  • Adam Millham, Chemistry, Quinn lab, PhD student, Dartmouth
  • Chris Minteer, Chemistry, Mills lab, graduate student, Cambridge University
  • Emily Popp, Chemistry, Farrell lab, JVC Northwest
  • Lauren Riley, Biology, Mondoux lab, Research Tech, MGH
  • Wanlin Zhang, Chemistry, Mills lab, Research assistant, MGH

Class of 2016:

  • Rebecca Casazza, Biology, Sheehy lab
  • Mike Koulopoulos, Chemistry, Mills lab, MD program, Wake Forest
  • Kira Niederhoffer, Chemistry, Farrell lab, Mass General Hospital
  • Elizabeth Park, Biology, Bellin lab
  • Anthony Yakely, Chemistry, Mills lab, Yale MPH program

Class of 2015:

  • Rob Caldera, Chemistry, Bellin lab
  • Zach Giaccone, Chemistry, Mills lab, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Richard Guerra, Biology, Sheehy lab, PhD student, Harvard
  • Stephanie Haddad, Biology, Bellin lab
  • Andrew Mullin, Biology, Petty lab
  • Nikki Siegart, Biology, Mills lab, Winthrop University Hospital

Class of 2014:

  • Sarah DiNapoli, Farrell Lab, NIH Intramural Fellowship
  • Alex Marino, Biology, Bellin lab
  • Garrett Peck, Biology, Bellin lab, MD student, UC Davis

Class of 2013:

  • Katie Colelli, Biology, Mills lab, UVM med school
  • Allegra Parrillo, Biology, Bellin lab, Brown Medical School
  • Matt Guido, Biology, Webster lab, Research Assistant, Joslin Center
  • Mike Nicastri, Chemistry, Mills lab, UPenn PhD program
  • Jen Pusztay, Chemistry, Mills lab
  • Jeff Thode, Chemistry, Quinn lab, Medical School, Wake Forest
  • Laura Urbanski, Chemistry, Mills lab, MD/Phd program, UConn
  • Sammie Ziegler, Biology, Vargas lab, Yale PhD program

Class of 2012

  • Ben Brink, Chemistry, Linton Lab, Medical School, Quinnipiac
  • Cat Flynn, Biology, Bellin lab, Clinical Coordinator, Dana Farber
  • Tom Gallant, Chemistry, Sheehy lab, Research Assistant, NIH; Medical School, University of New England 
  • Meagan Montesion, Biology, Bellin lab, PhD program, Tufts
  • Rio Nomoto, Biology, Linton lab, Medical School, Tufts
  • Christiana Pineda, Chemistry, Petty lab, UMass Med, PhD program
  • George Savidis, Chemistry, Mills lab, Research Assistant, UMassMed
  • Sean Till, Chemistry, Sculimbrene lab, Research Assistant, Cornell-Weill

Class of 2011:

  • Mary Bonnett, Biology, Bellin lab, Medical School
  • Emily Cartwright, Biology, Sheehy lab, Medical School
  • Kerry Drury, Biology, Bellin lab, Fulbright Fellowship, Medical School
  • Marisa Fortunato, Biology, Bellin lab, Graduate program in Pharmacy, UGeorgia
  • Kevin O'Brien, Biology, Mills lab, Graduate School UGeorgia
  • Kristina Xega, Chemistry, Mills lab, Research Assistant, MGH 

Class of 2010:

  • Ela Banerjee, Biology, Bellin lab, UConn Medical School
  • Lauren Duffee, Biology, Mills lab, UPenn, DVM
  • Preston Greico, Biology, Bellin lab, Penn State Med School
  • Kevin Halloran, Biology, Linton lab, UMass Med Graduate School
  • Dan York, Biology, Mills lab, Texas Tech Medical School

Class of 2009:

  • Brian Hendrickson, Biology, Ober lab - Medical School
  • Andrew Moczula, Biology, Hoffman lab - MD, Rutgers
  • Beth Morse, Biology, Bellin lab - Graduate School, Yale
  • Jess Napolitano, Biology, Vargas lab - Biochem PhD, Ohio State; Post-doctoral fellow, Columbia

Class of 2008:

  • Justin Caramiciu, Biology, Bellin lab - Medical School, UMass
  • Ali Casserly, Biology, Constance lab - Grad School
  • Melissa McGill, Biology, Mills lab - MS, Michigan; Pfizer
  • Kathryn O'Brien, Chemistry, Mills lab - Biochem PhD, Cornell-Weill

Class of 2007:

  • Mark Andrews, Biology, Farrell lab, MD, UMass
  • Christopher Aquina, Chemistry, Herrick lab -M.D.
  • Marianne DiNapoli, Biology, Constance lab - Teach for America alum, M.D., Columbia Med School
  • Matt Drago, Biology, Mills lab - MD, UPenn
  • Matt Frigault, Biology, Bellin lab - MD, UPenn
  • Frank Powers, Chemistry, Herrick lab - DMD, UConn

Class of 2006:

  • Kerianne Crandall, Chemistry, Herrick lab
  • Mike DiGiacomo, Biology, Bellin lab -Med School
  • Matt Howard, Chemistry, Chemistry Teacher, Quincy High School
  • Andrew Kamien, Biology, Bellin lab - MD, Creighton University
  • Bob O'Connor, Biology, The lab (UMass Med) - Med School
  • Joe Poli, Chemistry, Quinn lab - Med School

Class of 2005:

  • Hillary Barnes, Biology, Bellin lab - Med School
  • Brian DeCristopher, Bio/Chem, Quinn lab - PhD '10, Chemistry, Stanford
  • Luke Duncan, Chemistry, Bellin lab - Med School
  • Katie Lewandowski, Biology, Mills lab - PhD '12, WashU, post-doctoral fellow Northwestern University

Class of 2004:

  • Becky Arvary, Bio/Chem, Quinn lab - Merck
  • Jackie Gareau, Chemistry, Mills lab - PhD '11, Cornell-Weill
  • Claire Kelleher, Chemistry, Taylor lab - Chem PhD, Cornell, Assistant Professor (visiting) SUNY Geneseo
  • Mark Marzinke, Biology, Bellin lab - Biochem PhD, Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins Faculty
  • Tim Quinn, Chemistry, Mills lab - M.D. '08, Georgetown

Class of 2003:

  • Pete Bak, Biology, Bellin lab - PhD '09, Dartmouth Medical School
  • Ralph Millilo, Biology, Bertin/Mills labs - M.D. '08 SUNY Upstate

Class of 2002:

  • Carolynn Cavicchio, Biology, Vargas lab - M.D. '07, Georgetown
  • Briton Chan, Biology - MD '09, SUNY Upstate
  • Melissa Pelesz, Biology - DVM, Cornell
  • Pat Twomey, Chemistry, Mills lab - M.D. '07 Georgetown