The New York Semester Program

The New York Semester Program is a highly competitive, semester-long program offered in New York City through Holy Cross. Students work and study in New York City, integrating the lessons they have learned in the classroom with their experiences in the greatest city in the world.  

The program welcomes students from all disciplines to connect their academic learning with direct, professional experience in their major fields, providing them with dynamic opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth and development. Through the New York Semester Program, students have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge firms in the areas of finance, marketing, the arts, and politics; engage in a collaborative capstone project with their peers; study principles of leadership; and live in the exciting environment of New York.

The program is made up of three major, integrated components: a weekly seminar on leadership; an internship chosen from a vast range of fields; and a collaborative capstone project designed to engage students with real world problems. Students receive a full semester’s academic credit for the program. Through this selective program, third- or fourth-year students integrate past and current academic study with practical experience. Holy Cross students return to campus as independent learners and researchers, with a host of leadership and professional skills. 


Each student is required to spend four days per week working in a New York-based firm, agency, or cultural institution. Drawing on Holy Cross’ extensive alumni network in the area, we have been able to place students in desirable locations in a variety of fields. Through consistent oversight and evaluation of all of our internship sites we ensure that students are offered a substantive learning experience at their chosen placements. These positions require of the student a great deal of initiative and responsibility.

Capstone Project

A research project integrating seminar readings, the internship, and colloquia experiences, the capstone is supervised and graded by the program director with assistance of a mentor in the field and a grading committee.

Each student selects an issue directly related to his or her area of interest, work and study. The project considers the issue in a larger context, surveys the debates surrounding the issue, and includes recommendations and suggestions for further reading. It requires both a written analytical component and a formal boardroom presentation. Where possible, the student is strongly encouraged to pursue a topic within his or her major discipline.


The seminar, which has no prerequisites, meets one evening a week and deals with issues related to leadership. The readings and class discussions will address several basic questions: What is leadership and what are its elements? How do context and organizational structure affect the nature of leadership? How might we understand the moral purposes of leadership? These central questions are designed to isolate the basic premises of leadership, which will in turn enable students to apply theory to contemporary leadership issues and challenges.

Colloquia Meetings

Students receive exposure to the Holy Cross alumni network and other industry leaders by participating in a series of colloquia meetings throughout the semester. Over lunch, dinner or during private tours, students are able to learn more about industries outside of those they might be interning in and learn more about key issues of the day. Previous meetings have included:

  • Learning about advertising sales at Google headquarters
  • Tours of NBC Universal with Holy Cross alums in the NBC page program
  • Overview of media and marketing at Music Choice, Viacom, and 21st Century Fox
  • An overview of careers in private equity, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, and hedge funds
  • Working in non-profits to solve issues such as homelessness
  • How to break into digital marketing
  • Deep dives on tech and entrepreneurship


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Applying for the NY Program is easy, through the College’s Application Portal »

Commonly Asked Questions

Who can I participate?
Admission to the program is competitive but is open to all third-year and first-semester fourth-year students.

How do I apply?
Two informational meetings are held each year and applications are submitted in February for the following year.

Where will I live?
The College arranges housing for all New York students through Educational Housing Services in their Brooklyn Heights location.

How do I find an internship?
The J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World houses information on many internship possibilities in New York, as well as agency evaluations by former Holy Cross students. Some opportunities are posted to Handshake. Students may also meet individually with a member of the center to discuss different internship possibilities.

What is the cost?
Students pay tuition and housing costs directly to Holy Cross. They are responsible for food and all other costs associated with living in New York.  The experience of most students is that the cost is slightly higher due to increased costs for housing and food in New York.

How are my credits applied?
Three separate grades are awarded to each student completing the New York City Semester Program: the internship (1.5 credits), the Capstone Project (1.5 credits), and the seminar (1 credit). Students may petition their department chair for the capstone project to count toward their major.

How is the College involved while I'm in New York?
The director of the program maintains contact with the students and their agencies during the semester. Prof. Mangiero visits the students and their agencies during the semester, and serves as an on-site faculty advisor.

Examples of Recent Internship Placements

  • Auburn Theological Seminary
  • BMF Media
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • CNN
  • KCSA
  • The Harry Connick Jr. Show
  • Loeffler Randall
  • Marie Claire Magazine
  • Steiner Studios
  • Stunt Company
  • Teneo Holdings

The New York Semester Provides

  • an opportunity to work and learn in a stimulating professional environment assessing one's strengths and weaknesses
  • professional experience in your chosen field
  • the development of significant teamwork and research skills
  • the chance to make valuable and important contacts
  • a unique opportunity to integrate the experiential and analytical
  • an increasing awareness of the world
  • improved written and oral communication skills and analytical skills
  • the development of leadership skills and professional competencies, e.g. time management & organizational skills
  • an increase in self-reliance, esteem and confidence
  • the cultural and recreational advantages of living in a uniquely international city
  • the chance to explore career options
  • the chance to explore service to society and to develop notions of citizenship
  • the chance to apply the lessons students have learned at Holy Cross 

For more information, download the New York Semester Program handbook (PDF)