Startup Weeks

What does it take to launch a startup and keep it running? As part of the following workshops, students explore the step-by-step process of starting a business and visit cities with vibrant startups for a firsthand look at fledgling businesses.

students sitting at table

Business Strategy & Innovation

Explore a practical approach to strategy and innovation. Through practical applications and case studies, you will develop your abilities in strategic thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation in a global context.


  • Thursday - Friday, October 14 - 15, 2021 (virtual)


Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

This workshop explores the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the skills associated with starting and running a business. Over the course of this workshop, you will learn the elements needed to start a business, explore startups, and their approach.  You will strengthen your entrepreneurial leadership skills in a global context. 


  • TBD


  • Registration currently closed.

Startup: Destination

Students spend time exploring the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem of one of the largest hotbeds for venture creation in the country.  From NYC to Boston, students will learn skills that will bring them from ideation to implementation while meeting alumni and the opportunity to tour some of the most innovative companies. 


Date & Location TBD


Registration includes payment of $175 (hotel and transportation included).

  • Registration is currently closed.